The government refuses to strike helicopter pilots in CHC

The government refuses to strike helicopter pilots in CHC
The government refuses to strike helicopter pilots in CHC

The mediation deadline between NHO and Parat was at midnight on the night of Saturday. Pilots who fly rescue helicopters in Svalbard would have gone on strike. The government refuses.

– I called the parties to a meeting last night. In the meeting, it became clear that it was not possible for the parties to find a solution as it is now. On behalf of the minister, I have therefore notified that a bill will be brought forward on a compulsory wage board, says State Secretary Per Olav Skurdal Hopsø (Ap) in the Ministry of Labor and Inclusion.

The Norwegian Health Authority has said that there was a danger to life and health if there was a strike. The government forbids the strike, Parat asserts.

Requires collective agreement

The employees of CHC Helicopter Service require a collective agreement. Now Parat is relying on the National Salary Board to issue a ruling giving them that. Other pilots in CHC have a collective agreement.

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– It goes without saying that Parat’s members should also have the right to influence their own working conditions, says Lars Petter Larsen, who has led the negotiations for Parat.

He believes the helicopter pilots are in a vulnerable position.

– As long as the government intervenes with a forced wage board, this group has no real right to strike, and thus no opportunity to put power behind their demands in the negotiations, says Larsen.

The government points out that all ten pilots who work on the rescue helicopters would have gone on strike.

– The National Health Inspectorate believes that the emergency medical preparedness will be so weakened as a result of a strike that it will cause danger to life and health. When the parties cannot find a solution to such a serious situation, the authorities have no choice but to intervene, says Hopsø.

Not satisfied

The State Secretary says he is not satisfied that the responsibility for the consequences of the conflict has been shifted to the government.

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– The parties themselves are responsible for finding a solution. They are also responsible for using exemptions and other measures to protect life and health, he says.

The head of the pilot union in Parat, Carl Rego, says that the National Salary Board cannot come to a decision other than to give them a collective agreement.

– Should we not reach the National Salary Board, the unions in the Pilot Association will assess how we will handle this together further, he says.

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