Latest news from Norway and abroad

Latest news from Norway and abroad
Latest news from Norway and abroad

This is what it looked like on Saturday morning at Dyranut on Rv. 7 Hardangervidda Photo: Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s webcam

Column driving has been introduced on the E134 over Haukelifjell due to the storm. It is one of the few mountain passes that are open – and the weather is only going to get worse.

Several mountain passes are closed. Among the few that are open is the E16 over Filefjell, but there is a danger that a column will be introduced at short notice.

– It should blow up well throughout the day. So it is a bit uncertain whether we will be able to open that much. It’s probably not the day to cross the mountain with the wind reported, says traffic operator Marianne Hove at the West Traffic Center to NTB.

Both strong winds and a lot of snow are forecast. People who have to cross the mountain should check if the road is open before setting out, and bring patience, fuel (or a fully charged car) and things like clothes, food and drink.

These mountain passes in southern Norway are closed at 6.15am:

E6 Dovrefjell.

Highway 7 Hardangervidda.

Highway 13 Vikafjellet.

Highway 15 Strynefjellet.

Highway 52 Hemsedalsfjellet.

County road 53 Tyin – Årdal.

County road 50 Hol – Aurland.

Fylkesvei 27 Venabygdsfjellet.

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