The meta share set new records for the indices


Meta’s numbers release last night was one for the history books, lifting the stock over 20 percent Friday at the close on Wall Street.

The price rally increased the market value of the company by over 200 billion dollars in a few hours.

From a slightly different perspective – CEO and founder of Meta Mark Zuckerberg increased his net worth by just over $30 billion between your lunch break and dinner.

This is the largest market value increase by a company in one day, surpassing the $190 billion achieved by Apple and Amazon in 2022.

This is how the leading indices fared on Friday:

  • The Dow Jones rose 0.35 percent to 38,654.80.
  • The S&P 500 rose 1.07 percent to 4,958.06.
  • The Nasdaq rose 1.74 percent to 15,628.51.

The volatility index – VIX – fell 0.07 percent to 13.87.

The US ten-year Treasury yield ended at 4.03 percent, an increase of 16.8 basis points for the day.


There was a fairly good atmosphere among the technology giants on Wall Street. This is how it fared with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet (parent company of Google), also known as the FAANG shares:

  • Facebook rose 20.32 percent to 474.99.
  • Amazon rose 7.89 percent to 171.79.
  • Apple fell 0.54 percent to 185.85.
  • Netflix fell 0.10 percent to 564.10.
  • Alphabet rose 0.86 percent to 142.38.

Industrial, financial and energy shares also ended the day higher.


“The most important figure of the month” exceeds expectations. The US economy added 353,000 jobs in January, almost twice as many as expected. Economists had expected an increase of 180,000 jobs last month, according to a survey conducted by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), writes the Financial Times.


A barrel of Brent North Sea oil fell 2.13 percent and ended at $77.12 a barrel. WTI oil fell 2.28 percent to 72.15 dollars a barrel.


Friday was a weak day for crypto owners. At closing time on Wall Street, Bitcoin traded down 0.32 percent to $43.007 per coin. Ethereum fell 0.35 percent and is trading at $2,296.32 per coin at closing time.

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