Soapy roads: – A nightmare


It is reported that the cars are strewn between Gol and Fagernes, but it is far from the only place where it is slippery.


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– The Norwegian Road Traffic Center reports that it is slippery on the E6 between Dombås and Dovre. Wagon train slides off the road. As of now, it is not known that there are serious traffic accidents and that the road is closed, but we ask everyone to drive according to the conditions, writes the police in Innlandet on X at 20:20.

Traffic operator Arvid Wahlstrøm at Vegtrafikksentralen Øst tells VG that it is particularly slippery at Dovreskogen, Ringebu and Fåvang.

– This creates challenging situations. It is very slippery and you have to drive carefully, says Fåvang.

He adds that no more major accidents have been reported on the E6.

Do you have pictures from the slide? Tip VG here.

Chaos to the mountains

– Golsfjellet: GLATT! writes Vegtrafikksentralen Sør on X at 21.11.

Line Eriksen was on county road 51 between Gol and Fagernes on Friday evening, and estimates that between 100 and 150 cars are queuing on the stretch at around 9pm.

– It is a nightmare. The cars are strewn about, and a VY bus is outside the road. I’ve never seen worse, says Eriksen, who luckily got away from the scene.

Rune Cederløf is a taxi driver and was at work when he drove county road 51 on Friday evening. He is horrified by the conditions, and says that he called both the police and the road traffic center to report the incident.

– I passed a bus that had slipped off the road and was lying in the snow. Shortly afterwards I encountered two cars that had slipped into my lane and got stuck. Then I refused to drive on. It was not safe to drive past, there was only steel ice.

When VG talks to Cederløf around 9.30 p.m., he can say that the cars have been picked up by a tow truck, and Cederløf therefore decided to drive on.

– But we cannot accept this type of situation on the mountain. I react strongly to the fact that nothing has been sprinkled or done to improve the conditions.

County road 51 between Gol and Fagernes on Friday evening. Photo: Erik Herman Eriksen

– Ice cream with water on top

Frank Kongshavn also reacts to the fact that the road was not littered. The Bergen resident has a cabin in Geilo, and says he has driven the stretch many, many times:

– I have never seen anything like it. It was ice skating with water on top.

Kongshavn says all traffic stopped, and had to wait until streetcars arrived. He himself was stuck for several hours. According to Kongshavn, it was also not possible to walk on the ice without spikes.

He says that another motorist was unlucky and crashed into Kongshavn’s car from behind:

– It wasn’t because he had great speed, it was smooth as soap.

CRASH: A motorist crashed into Kongshavn on the smooth road. Photo: Frank Kongshavn

Very smooth in Fredrikstad

Friday evening also seems to be extremely smooth in Fredrikstad.

The police in Øst have had to respond to both a car that has ended up on its roof and a moose collision in the wooden town.

– Should be very slippery on the spot, the police write after the car has ended up on the roof.

In Trøndelag, it’s not particularly smooth, but there you have a lot of trouble with stormwater. Road users are encouraged to take it easy on the roads.


Published: 02.02.24 at 20:22

Updated: 02.02.24 at 23:17

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