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Julio Kopseng will not be released on parole. The Ringerike, Asker and Bærum District Court has decided that.

Defense attorney Heidi Reisvang tells Nettavisen that the court has assessed that the risk of recidivism has not been reduced, despite the fact that Kopseng has had good terms of service.

– Kopseng has taken a number of change-oriented measures and generally displayed good behaviour. The court has assessed that the risk of recurrence has not been reduced.

Now Reisvang is on his way to Kopseng to review the verdict.

– I am on my way to the client to review the judgment and to consider a possible appeal.

Risk of recurrence

The court believes that Kopseng’s criminal history still indicates that there is a real and qualified risk of recurrence for future serious sexual offences.

– Based on what has emerged during the presentation of evidence, the court thus finds that there are still a number of significant factors of concern for future crime of the same nature for which Kopseng was sentenced to custody. The combination of the experiences from Kopseng’s previous crime, his behaviour, diagnoses, personality traits, social and personal functioning ability, the development up to now, the forecasts for change and other risk conditions as mentioned in the risk assessments prepared by the institution, in the court’s opinion, provide grounds for concluding that a release today, also on conditions, will entail an imminent and real danger of new serious sexual offences, the judgment states.

Kopseng has previously been convicted of the rape of a total of 20 women, one attempted rape and for having committed violence against a former roommate who was also subjected to rape.

Is engaged

He was convicted of the bulk of the assaults in the Court of Appeal in 2016. He received a sentence of 21 years in custody with a minimum term of ten years. This was the law’s most severe punishment in 2016. He was arrested in 2013 and that is why he could now apply for parole.

The trial in which rapist Kopseng petitioned to be released from prison began on Tuesday 16 January and lasted for three days.

Are you a victim of sexual assault? You can get help here.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, there are several options for getting help.

The police can be called telephone 02800.

The helpline for sexually abused people has telephone 800 57 000. The website can be found here.

The website also has a lot of information. The phone number they refer to is for the Helpline for sexually abused people.

Dixi resource center specializes in helping you after a rape and/or sexual assault. The website can be found here.

On Dixi’s website, there is also an overview of where the abuse centers are in different parts of the country (scroll down a bit on the main page).

The VO line can be contacted around the clock and they also have a chat. They can be reached at telephone 116 006. The website can be found here.

On’s website you can also find your nearest abuse center (tick the box “abuse reception” under the tab “type of offer” on mobile, or the same box on the left side of the screen if you are on a PC/Mac or tablet.

If there is not a separate abuse reception center near where you book, you can contact the nearest emergency room.

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In court, it emerged, among other things, that Kopseng acknowledges the actual conditions for which he has been convicted. State prosecutor Andreas Strand, on the other hand, was very critical of whether there were actual confessions. It also emerged that Kopseng has been beaten in prison on several occasions.

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– Kopseng is still one of Norway’s most dangerous men

It turned out that Kopseng is engaged and that they have children together. The fiance testified in court.

The fiancé and Kopseng met at an event in 2012 and became lovers the following year. She said that she has been on weekly visits to various prisons throughout the entire period since Kopseng was arrested and imprisoned in 2013. The visits started in December of the same year.

Has appeared on Children’s TV

The prosecution believes that Kopseng is not ready to be released back into society, which state prosecutor Andreas Strand made clear to Nettavisen in advance of and during the trial. Defender Heidi Reisvang argues that society should give Kopseng a chance.

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Rape victim Marthe Steinmann met Julio Kopseng again for the first time in 15 years

During the last day of court, Steinmann appeared together with his assistant lawyer Lena Rydningen, who is a senior lawyer at Advokatfirmaet Legalis. She wanted to give a face to other women who have been subjected to intimate partner violence and sexual abuse.

The convicted serial rapist has appeared on Children’s TV on NRK and in the family program “Norske Talenter” when it aired on TV 2 in 2010. Previously, he has worked as a dancer, stripper and entertainer.

According to the verdict, he exploited his position as a dance profile against two of the victims who were lured home with him in 2006, by giving the impression that they could be featured in a music video. According to the verdict, he drugged them and abused his victims.

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