Large quantities of fish probably washed ashore: – Macabert


At least 70 fish have been washed ashore in Flatanger municipality in Trøndelag, estimates Reidar Estensen (74).

– They were small, but very many. Without exaggerating, I think there were at least 70 pieces. I didn’t look that much, because it was a bit sad, says Reidar to VG.

He says that it is mainly redfish that should have been washed ashore, in addition to other types of fish such as flounder and tusk.

– Firstly, redfish are red-listed. Secondly, there are huge numbers of tourists fishing for redfish in Flatanger. This was supposed to be the redfish of the future, says Reidar.

– How was it to see this?

– It was macabre and shocking, Reidar replies.

Senior engineer Ingrid Marie Bruvold at the Institute of Marine Research clarifies to VG on Friday that the redfish you see in the pictures are either of the lusue type or regular redfish. Of these, only common redfish is red-listed.

Reidar Estensen (74). Also here together with fish, but in a different context. Photo: Private

May have been fished to the surface

– The redfish have a closed swim bladder filled with gas that expands when the pressure quickly decreases, which can make the eyes bulge out and give the impression that the fish is “inflated”. It is this effect that we see on the sea urchins in this case, writes Bruvold in an email and continues:

– This usually happens when the fish has been taken up quickly from the depths with fishing gear. The process causes damage that means that the wind cannot survive, and often makes it float so that it can be more easily carried by the wind and washed ashore, such as during heavy storms.

She says, on the other hand, that the eel thrives best in deeper water, and that it mostly does not come to the surface unless it is fished for.

– An accumulation of 70-80 redfish may indicate that they have been taken up with fishing gear which is often intended for larger catches, and that some of the catch may have escaped and been carried by the wind in the storm, writes Bruvold.

– She was strong

Reidar’s daughter, Tove Estensen (52), was also on the walk at 10 o’clock on Thursday.

– We have heard of something similar before. As we walked, we suddenly saw that the shore was full of fish. I thought “yes, it actually works”. There have been really high seas here, she says.

Tove Estensen (52) was surprised when she saw all the fish on the shore on Thursday. Here she is in a different context. Photo: Private

Reidar also says that there has been violent weather in Flatanger in connection with “Ingunn”:

– Several boathouses and roofs have come to an end – she was strong. There are still around 22.8 second meters in the throws here, claims Reidar as of 8.15pm on Thursday.

Flatangernytt has also covered the case.

In Bodø it was hurricane force – see video:

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