The Norwegian Cup at Nes was a huge upswing for Julie Myhre – the national team runner won after adversity: – Disgusting

VICTORY GRILLS: Julie Myhre (in the middle) could cheer after a sprint victory at the Norwegian Cup at Nes. Julie Bjervig Drivenes on the left and Hedda Bakkemo on the right. Photo: Claes Tommy Herland / Norwegian Ski Association

NES (VG) Julie Myhre (27) had her shoulder dislocated last summer and thus a large part of this year’s season was ruined. But on Friday came the big upswing for the national team runner.


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The 27-year-old from Trønder was really strong all the way during the freestyle sprint in the Norwegian Cup at Nes on Friday.

Myhre won both the quarter- and semi-finals. In the final, she had a finish no one came close to matching.

She was obviously pleased when she crossed the finish line just ahead of Julie Bjervig Drivenes and Hedda Bakkemo in second and third place.

– It was ugly, says Myhre on the VG+ Sport broadcast – and answered as follows when she was asked if the great form is about to arrive now on the eve of the season:

– It is as certain as that it is Christmas Eve on December 24.

  • You can watch cross-country skiing from Nes all weekend at VG+ Sport.

For Myhre, this year’s season has been lead-heavy.

The reason is rehabilitation and training after a fall during a roller skiing race in Toppidrettsveka in August. Then she dislocated her shoulder.

– I manage to think when I cross the finish line that: Damn, that was fun. There has been a way here and there. But I enjoy it, says Myhre to VG.

Coming back from such an injury has taken time. Throughout the autumn, she was in charge of national team meetings. In December, she started cross-country skiing.

Primarily in the Scandinavian Cup (the level below the World Cup) and the Norwegian Cup. There, the real top results have been absent, until today.

HAS TOUGH: Julie Myhre, pictured here during a sprint prologue in Drammen last season. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG

In the World Cup, she has been on the starting line only once. It was last weekend. In Goms, Switzerland, Myhre was good enough for 23rd place.

– Have you spoken to the national team management?

– Just spoke to Stig Rune (Kveen, women’s national team coach). He is on his way to Canada. He was very happy. He thought I solved it well today, he also had some points for improvement. That’s the way it should be, bring me down to earth again. I like that.

– So it wasn’t just cheers and uproar?

– There was something technical in the double dance that he was not entirely satisfied with. We agreed on that, so then we get to work on it.

In the victory interview on Friday, Myhre talks about a tough sprint final. She followed Drivenes all the way, before slipping past and sprinting to a fairly comfortable victory.

– I am pleased. I felt good today. It was a rush of joy when I crossed the finish line. Because there has been a way to go for me.

Hanne Wilberg Rofstad, Elena Rise Johnsen and national team runner Ane Appelkvist Stenseth fell short in the sprint final and ended up outside the podium.

In the men’s final, Magnus Øyaas’ Håbrekke proved to be the strongest.

The scenes of joy in the goal area left no doubt: It meant a lot to direct Gjøran Holstad Tefre and Johan Olsen Bjørtomt to the places behind him.

The final was also a reunion with national team runner Sindre Bjørnestad Skar. He has barely skied this season and delivered a strong fourth place on Friday.


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