The Apple boss: Generative AI will arrive within the year

The Apple boss: Generative AI will arrive within the year
The Apple boss: Generative AI will arrive within the year

Apple’s mobiles can become even smarter. Here we have iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

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These days, it is hardly possible to turn around without seeing the letters AI and KI – that is, something that revolves around artificial intelligence. Now Apple has also lifted the veil a bit.

We do not know exactly what they are working on, but it was Tim Cook himself, i.e. the Apple chief himself, who was able to say during a quarterly meeting that the company is working with generative AI software solutions that will be launched later this year. This according to The Verge.

Generative AI usually means “creative” artificial intelligence that can, for example, create images or music based on a simple text command.

He did not go into details – which is typical enough from that angle – but Apple probably has plans to integrate artificial intelligence in the next major version of the operating system iOS and iPadOS.

There may also be talk of putting new AI-optimized software in place in the upcoming macOS for desktop and laptop computers.

Google, Samsung and others are leading the way

The entire S24 series: S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra.

The entire S24 series: S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra.

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That Apple has plans to integrate artificial intelligence into its products does not come as a particularly big surprise. The twist has already started, since we can now point to the recent Samsung Galaxy S24 series and the AI ​​properties these have.

Soon we also expect most Android mobiles to become even “smarter” as Google seems to want to integrate the AI ​​assistant Bard into the Messages app, among other things.

At this year’s CES trade show, we could also see that AI software is something that will appear in a number of upcoming computers. In the first instance, it is true that we are talking about applications created by the PC manufacturers themselves, but eventually we can expect such functionality to be integrated into the operating system itself.

At this point, the apple gang will actually have a certain advantage over “ordinary” PCs with Windows, as Apple has better control over both hardware, software and the operating system itself.

Which AI feature is most exciting?

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