Serial abuser Julio Kopseng will not be released on parole

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He was described as one of Norway’s most dangerous men. Now the court has decided that he cannot be released from prison.


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– The court has come to the conclusion that Kopseng’s request for parole was not accepted, and has assessed it as such that the risk of recidivism has not been sufficiently reduced despite Kopseng’s good sentence. However, the court stated that Kopseng has taken a number of change-oriented measures and generally displayed good behaviour, says Kopseng’s defender, lawyer Heidi Reisvang, to VG.

They will now go through the judgment thoroughly in order to assess a possible appeal.

In 2016, Julio Kopseng was sentenced to 21 years’ detention in the Borgarting Court of Appeal.

The verdict is historic. No one in Norway has previously been sentenced to the law’s most severe punishment for rape.

– My client finds it offensive that he is asking for parole, but it is a relief to hear that the request was not accepted. She considers him to be dangerous and is afraid that he may harm others, says counsel for Line Kolstad Rødseth, Hege Salomon, to VG.

Hege Salomon and Line Kolstad Rødseth. Photo: Private

– We are relieved and happy about this verdict. They have come to the right decision, says the lawyer for the aggrieved Marthe Steinmann, Lena Rydningen, to VG.

The process has been a strain.

– There has been a great burden for the victim in the case.

TV 2 mentioned the decision first.

Marthe Steinmann and lawyer at Legalis Lena Rydningen.
Marthe Steinmann and lawyer at Legalis Lena Rydningen. Photo: Preben Sørensen Olsen/VG

In total, the former TV dancer and stripper has been convicted in three different trials for the rape of a total of 20 women, and the attempted rape of a further woman.

He has served the minimum term of the sentence of ten years, and has therefore applied for parole. Today the decision came.

– Julio Kopseng was undoubtedly one of Norway’s most dangerous men. He still is, said prosecutor Andreas Strand when the case was heard in Ringerike, Asker and Bærum district court in January.

– The extent of human suffering he has been responsible for is completely exceptional in Norwegian legal history.

Throughout all previous court rounds, Julio Kopseng has pleaded not guilty to rape. In the district court in January, he answered “yes” for the first time to the question of whether he was guilty of the rapes.

A risk assessment written by psychologist specialist Inni Rein in 2023 concluded that there was a high risk that Kopseng could commit new sexual offences.

– The prosecution believes that Kopseng must be kept in custody at least until he is an old man. Leave without him being kept under control at all times is completely unjustifiable, Strand believed.

Kopseng’s defender Heidi Reisvang argued that there has been a change in the man convicted of serial assault which means that he should be paroled.

– Kopseng has admitted in court that he has committed abuse. It is a big change from before. He is active in a treatment program and he goes to a psychologist, she said.


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