Update brings “Apple functionality” to Meta’s VR glasses

Update brings “Apple functionality” to Meta’s VR glasses
Update brings “Apple functionality” to Meta’s VR glasses

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Vegar Jansen

These days, Meta is rolling out an update to its popular VR glasses Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro, namely v62. One of the big news this time is better support for stereoscopic video, also often called “spatial video” in English.

Not entirely coincidentally, stereoscopic video is a big talking point in VR circles right now, as this is one of the big selling points of the Vision Pro. You know, Apple’s far more expensive VR headset that is being released in the US this February 2nd.

With the new update, it’s safe to say that Meta steals some of the shine from Apple’s VR venture. For us here in Norway – where Vision Pro isn’t available for a long time anyway – we think it’s nice that Meta’s Quest headsets become even more usable.

It’s also good to know that you don’t have to cough up $3,500, or almost NOK 37,000, to be able to watch that type of video.

Need a hefty iPhone

Making your own stereoscopic recordings will not be something everyone can do anyway. Right now, such 3D videos require an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, which are obviously the only mobile phones that can do the job. Namely, the 3D video must include metadata that is used to calculate the difference in the image flow to the right and left eye.

But we can expect that more models will eventually be able to deliver such a video.

Those who are particularly interested have been able to see such “video memories” on newer Meta Quest headsets in the past as well, but then through a somewhat complicated process. With the v62, the videos should be able to be uploaded directly to the headset via the Quest app.

Gaming, streaming and pinching

The new update from Meta doesn’t just have something for those who like 3D video. Those interested in gaming will also get a little, as the browser will get support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, among other things. This will make playing web-based games easier.

Also new is support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense and PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers.

Besides this, Meta lists live streaming via Facebook and YouTube.

The last thing we mention is better – or at least easier – control without the hand controllers. Now it will be possible to quickly access frequently used actions just by “pinching” with the fingers of one hand, and that without having to scroll through a menu.

The update was not available when Tek.no checked on 2 February, but it should be just around the corner.

The article is in Norwegian

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