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Northern Health, The Government | Threatens to resign if the minister does not take action


Elisabeth Holand is manager of Vestvågøy Ap. Several members of her local team are threatening to quit the party this week if the minister does not take action.

– We are told that we should try to influence from within instead of opting out, but then we almost have to be listened to. We feel that this has not happened so far in the process, says Holand to TV 2.

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Will postpone the Helse Nord cuts

On Tuesday last week, a working group commissioned by Helse nord presented a proposal in which, among other things, they recommended turning the emergency hospital in Lofoten into a district medical centre.

– We would like an answer to whether the Minister of Health and Care believes that it is acceptable for Lofoten to be without 24-hour emergency preparedness and maternity services, says Holand.

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Kjerkol answers the critics: – The patients will be losers

The proposals from the working group must be processed by the board of Helse nord and then sent for consultation.

Helse Nord’s board must adopt a final plan at the end of April next year after all consultation input has been considered. They then arrive on Kjerkol’s table.

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Here they are informed of gloomy future prospects

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