Parents about a Danish politician’s scandalous relationship with a 15-year-old: – Did I know there would be a debate

Parents about a Danish politician’s scandalous relationship with a 15-year-old: – Did I know there would be a debate
Parents about a Danish politician’s scandalous relationship with a 15-year-old: – Did I know there would be a debate
KNEW: The parents say they had approved their daughter’s relationship with the parliamentary politician 13 years older, Mike Villa Fonseca (28) Photo: Marie Hald

Before the weekend, it became known that the top Danish politician Mike Villa Fonseca (28) has a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Now the parents are talking about the relationship.


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Denmark is shaken after it became known that a representative of the Norwegian Parliament has a relationship with a girl who is only in the 9th grade.

Before the weekend, Mike Villa Fonseca admitted that he is in love with a 15-year-old, before he was sick for three weeks and resigned from the Moderate party.

The girl’s parents now say to Ekstra Bladet that they never doubted that the relationship would create debate.

Nevertheless, they approved it.

The newspaper visited the family in Zealand on Saturday, who wish to remain anonymous for the sake of the daughter and her siblings. They say the news story has been a burden on the family.

The parents say that they have known Fonseca for several years, and that he had become a friend of the family.

Fonseca first got to know the girl’s father through their shared interest in motorcycles. Several years ago.

Friend of the house

For the past five years, according to his parents, he has been a “friend of the house”.

Five months ago, the 28-year-old politician is said to have come to the parents and told them that their daughter is “an incredibly sweet girl”, and that the two have become happy with each other, writes Ekstra Bladet.

The parents say they were concerned at first, but chose to consent to the relationship. They say that they had confidence in both their daughter and Mike, as they call him.

– Things have happened a little early, but there is nothing wrong with that. People react to the age difference, says the father to Ekstra Bladet.

The parents further say that if they had locked her up and forbidden her the relationship, she would still have met him and then their bond of trust with their daughter would have been broken.

– That is why we are happy that they came to us, say the parents, who consented to the relationship, they say.

They refer to him as a “caring lover”.

Possibly reported

Today came the news that Member of Parliament Mike Villa Fonseca (28) will be reported for grooming, learns Danish TV 2.

On Saturday afternoon, the Central and West Zealand Police will have received a written report about grooming groomingGrooming is described by Save the Children as a process where an offender initiates a relationship with a child with a view to getting the child (apparently voluntary) to engage in activities that can satisfy the offender. The term is used for sexual manipulation of children, and can have serious consequences for the child and their family.they inform Danish TV 2.

The police will not say anything about who the report is specifically about.

The news of the relationship has shaken the party leadership in the Moderates, who have also given a clear message that Fonseca will not be allowed to return to the party. He hopes other parties think the same. That he no longer has anything to do in Parliament or in politics.

– We cannot have sitting members of parliament who have regular sexual relations with minors, said party leader Løkke Rasmussen in the Moderates to TV 2 News on Friday evening.

Although the minimum sexual age in Denmark is 15, and the relationship is therefore within the framework of the legislation, it is a clear breach of the party’s code of conduct, which states that it is not permitted to have sexual relations with persons under the age of 18.

Fonseca himself does not know whether he will return to the Folketing after the sick leave.

– We’ll see how I feel in three weeks. Maybe I feel better, he told TV 2 News.

He mentions three parties that he could alternatively imagine going to, the Social Democrats, Venstre and Liberal Alliance.

All three parties rejected on Saturday that they want him.


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