Traffic accident on the E18: – Serious damage

Traffic accident on the E18: – Serious damage
Traffic accident on the E18: – Serious damage

Operations manager in the South-East police district, Marius Fosvold, tells Dagbladet that there are a total of five people involved, divided into two cars and a truck.

– The car has allegedly been standing in a stationary queue, and then the lorry has come from behind at speed and collided with the car – which then collided with a car in front, he says.

The person in one of the cars is considered to be seriously injured. The others involved must be upbeat.

Suspicion of mobile phone use

Late on Thursday evening, the message came from the police that a person has been charged after the accident, writes VG.

They write that it is the driver of the lorry who has been charged with a breach of Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act and that there is suspicion of using a mobile phone while driving.

– It seems that he has been inattentive and exercised great danger potential. This is how the police see the incident now, the investigation will show whether he was intoxicated or what is on the mobile phone, says operations manager Tommy Eriksen to VG.

Was stuck

The Swedish Road Traffic Center has posted a detour sign at the site. The Swedish Traffic Agency writes on Twitter that there is a detour via Fylkesvei 363.

– But there was a queue initially, he points out to Dagbladet on Thursday evening.

At 22.25, Fosvold tells Dagbladet that the air ambulance is working with one person on the scene. He has no further details about the person’s state of health.

– The person was at one point trapped, but is now out, he says.

Road closed

The police’s crime technicians are on their way to the scene, as is the accident team from the National Road Administration.

– The road is still completely closed, and will be for a long period. There is a detour sign, and any queues will be reversed, says Fosvold.

In an update on Twitter at 10.45pm, the police write that four people have been taken to the emergency department, and one person to Skien hospital by ambulance.

– The air ambulance has been on the scene, but did not take the patient with it.

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