Elin Kjos: – Death after cancer

Elin Kjos: – Death after cancer
Elin Kjos: – Death after cancer

The Swedish fitness profile Elin Kjos has died after a long illness with cancer. She was only 35 years old.

The death is confirmed by Kjos’ family on Instagram.

“It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we write this from Elin’s Instagram. Last night our beloved Elin fell asleep to the tunes of Eva Cassidy. The disease escalated quickly in the final phase and the body couldn’t take it anymore,” they write to a picture of a smiling Kjos.

Was terminally ill

Three years ago, the training profile received the discouraging news that she had incurable cancer.

A prolonged cough turned out to be lung cancer, and the doctors then found a tumor over 20 centimeters in size in her right lung. They finally got to the point where they couldn’t offer any more treatment.

“Hard to deal with”

In January last year, Kjos reported that the tumor had stopped growing. Just three months later, the counter notification came that the cancer had spread to the skeleton.

Tried alternative treatment

Kjos traveled to Germany to try alternative treatment, where she also took part in a cancer study where she received a specially adapted vaccine. She chose to withdraw from the study in favor of another research study. It was never specified what kind of study it was about.

In January, she wrote on Instagram that after a week into the new study, all her blood tests looked good.

“We will only see after a few months if the study produces any medical effect. Then one day at a time as usual,” she wrote then.

The sister in mourning

While she was ill, the 35-year-old started a podcast together with her twin sister Ida, called “Søstrene Kjos”. There they chatted about everything between heaven and earth, and had several open conversations about death.

– Words cannot describe the loss

Under the photo on Instagram, Ida has left a touching message for her sister.

“Love you forever my wonderful sister. Words cannot describe my loss,” followed by a broken heart.

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