Culture, Culture and entertainment | Stands up to save local festival: – It is important to support local cultural life

Culture, Culture and entertainment | Stands up to save local festival: – It is important to support local cultural life
Culture, Culture and entertainment | Stands up to save local festival: – It is important to support local cultural life

On Saturday 28 January, the stage is set for a musical party at Glassheim’s rock scene in Jevnaker. After a difficult last year for Stiftelsen Randsfjordfestivalen, two local bands are lining up to ring the bell in cultural life and perhaps gain new followers.

The goal is to be able to hold another festival at Haugerstranda in 2023. The Voids and Nådeløs play for free to ensure this. We had a chat with both groups to hear a little more about who they are and what the festival means to them.

The Voids consist of Glenn Thoresen, Marius Fugleberg, Dan-Remi Olsen, Rune Andresen and Jon Rikard Sandum. Several of these have previously been in the bands Judo Kick and The Skullingtons, which are no longer active. As they still had a desire to share music there was not much to do.

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Old trotters

– We have several members who have either played regularly in both bands or visited during rehearsals. It felt natural to continue together.

They describe themselves as a good mix of both classic and modern punk, with elements of 50s and 60s pop.

– Most of us grew up listening to bands like Green Day, Ramones, The Misfits and the like. In their own way, they have tried to “revive” rock and pop music from that time. So it’s really a natural thing to mix it in for us as well. It’s part of the sound we’re so happy with, you could say.

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Record contract

Recently, The Voids were offered a record deal – without having a single release or concert behind them with the band.

– This was a bit random. It was basically the Judo Kick record company who were curious. When we explained that the band had a longer break and that we were working on a new project, they were very interested. We sent over two songs we recorded at the venue. A few days later we were invited to their office to discuss a contract.

However, they are in no hurry and have therefore chosen to wait for the meeting.

– What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having a record company behind you?

– The advantage is that we are self-sufficient with any records for our own sale at concerts. You always want someone else who can offer constructive criticism and help us on the way forward. The downside is that we will always have someone who wants us to play more live. Sells discs and produces songs that we can release.

At your own pace

– And vice versa with being independent?

– The advantage of being independent is that we can do everything at our own pace. No one decides when, where or what. The disadvantage is precisely that no one pushes us. We have to pay for all of the recordings and publishing ourselves.

When they were offered to play at the support concert for the Randsfjord Festival, however, there was no doubt.

– It is important to support local cultural life. The Randsfjord Festival is a very good offer right outside our door. When we had the opportunity to support this wonderful festival, it was not difficult to answer YES.

In addition to this mission, they have several jobs on hand, but are also secretive.

– We can reveal enough that we will return to Hønefoss in the autumn.

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Former volunteers

The other band that will perform at the support concert, Nådeløs, consists of four guys from Hadeland, Mads Sørlie, Marius Thorseth, Gudmund Larsen and Bjørn-Sindre Helgeland. They also play rock with different musical inspiration and previous experience. With a mixture of Norwegian lyrics and tough guitar riffs, they hope that the audience can relate to their music.

– We believe that we play a type of rock that everyone can enjoy, while at the same time it’s tough enough that those who want to headbang in front of the stage can take off and enjoy themselves, they say.

There is no doubt about their commitment when asked why they stand up for Stiftelsen Randsfjordfestivalen. In addition, they promise to create a proper life for those who come and support the cause.

– We think that it is one of the better things that we Hatlanders have achieved; thanks to the incredible efforts of dedicated zealots and volunteers. Some of us have volunteered ourselves and seen up close what it takes for an event of that size to be successful. When we were asked, it felt like an obvious thing to do. Maybe our contribution means that there will actually be a festival in the summer?

Hope to play

– What do you hope to get out of the support concert?

– In addition to contributing to a good event and a good experience, we hope that people will hear more from us. We want to show people who we are and get a face out there so that it can help us continue to grow and hopefully more gigs. We also think it is important for cultural life that precisely festivals such as the Randsfjord Festival are kept going as it is a good contributor to cultural life around here.

In contrast to The Voids, who are holding on to the reins for the time being – Nådeløs has been working with the record label FAJo Music.

– They will launch us as one of the new artists they have in their portfolio in the new year. We hope it can give us a boost. Perhaps we will eventually be allowed to play at the Randsfjord Festival itself?

The article is in Norwegian

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