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The government will open up more oil exploration: – Complete madness

– This is complete madness. The government spits on the UN climate panel and its own climate promises, says head of Nature and Youth, Gina Gylver, to NRK.

Gina Gylver, head of Nature and Youth.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

She believes this is a sign that the politicians are not taking the climate crisis seriously:

– If we start looking for and producing oil in these areas, it will be catastrophic for the climate, says Gylver.

On Tuesday, the government released 92 blocks in the north to the so-called TFO area, which thus includes additional areas in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland defends the proposal:

– We constantly need new discoveries to further develop the Norwegian continental shelf. Today, I have therefore started the annual licensing round where we offer exploration areas to the oil companies.

Oil and Energy Minister Terje Aasland

Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Most of the new blocks are located in the Barents Sea:

– Facilitating new discoveries in the north is important both for Europe, the country and the region, says Aasland.

Proposal for TFO2023 Barents Sea. The pink blocks are new proposed exploration areas.


Uncertain interest

Analyst Tore Guldbrandsøy at Rystad Energy says that in view of the energy crisis in Eurioa, it is natural that the government wants to open new areas.

He still believes that it is uncertain how attractive these areas are for the oil companies.

Analyst Tore Guldbrandsøy at Rystad Energy.


– It is exciting to see. There has been a trend that there has been less and less interest, but there may be something to do with the energy crisis combined with the fact that the companies have made a lot of money. Then it may be that they can get some increased interest again.

At the same time, he adds that the earnings are far ahead:

– If you are going to look for something here, it usually takes 10-15 years before it can be put into production. What will the demand be at that time? Here we know that the companies view this differently.

SV promises a fight

– The government is gambling with vulnerable natural values, says SV’s Lars Haltbrekken. He promises to fight against the government’s expansion of areas for oil exploration.

Lars Haltbrekken, Storting representative SV

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

– This is an attempt to secretly allocate land in immature areas, says Haltbrekken to NTB.

In the budget negotiations with the government, SV won approval to postpone the 26th licensing round, which applies precisely to so-called immature areas where no oil exploration is already underway, until 2025.

However, the so-called TFO rounds, allocation in predefined areas, continue as before.

– We will fight against this award, promises Haltbrekken.

The article is in Norwegian

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