Tanako (83) is thrown out of Norway: – This is not about a free assessment of justice

HOME: Takako Ellefsen lives with her daughter Klara in Stavanger. Photo: Private

An insurance policy that does not cover enough was the tip of the scales when Takako Ellefsen (83) was refused a residence permit in Norway.

The old widow lives with her Norwegian daughter Klara in Stavanger, but is thrown out on the Fourth of Christmas if she does not voluntarily leave Norway.

Director of Communications Bjørn Lyster at the Norwegian Immigration Service (UNE) confirms that the refusal is due to the fact that her insurance is not good enough.

– This is not about a free assessment of reasonableness or justice, but whether the conditions for a certain type of permit have been met, writes Lyster.

UNE’s decision is final: Takako Ellefsen must leave Norway by 28 December.

The 83-year-old tells VG on Sunday that she is terribly disappointed.

– It is here in Norway that I have the most connections. This is where I want to be for the years I have left, says Takako Ellefsen.

Man in foreign trade

The widow, who is a Japanese citizen, was married to Norwegian Karsten Johan Ellefsen for 45 years. Their four children are Norwegian citizens.

Takako’s husband sailed overseas before he got a job at Det norske Veritas based in Japan. The family lived in Japan and Singapore.

In 2008, the couple moved to Stavanger. The following year, Karsten Johan Ellefsen died. Takako wants to be laid to rest by his side.

As a widow, Takako Ellefsen lived in Stavanger until 2013, before she moved with her daughter Klara – first to Japan, then to Spain for five years.

Not good enough insurance

The application for an EEA residence card was refused by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. The appeal to the Norwegian Immigration Service (UNE) was also unsuccessful.

UNE concludes that the 83-year-old does not have the right to permanent residence in Norway as a family member of an EEA citizen – his daughter Klara.

UNE believes that there are neither strong human considerations nor a particular connection to Norway, which can provide a basis for a residence permit.

UNE writes that the case “does not raise significant questions of doubt”.

EJECTED: Takako Ellefsen does not get residence because her health insurance is not good enough. Photo: Private

The communications director at UNE points out that Ellefsen’s insurance does not cover all expenses that may arise from treatment in the Norwegian healthcare system.

The Directorate of Immigration and the Immigration Board believe that the insurance does not cover “all risks” and are in doubt as to whether the insurance applies outside of Japan.

– None of the other circumstances highlighted in the case have caused UDI or UNE to disregard the condition of adequate insurance, writes Lyster.

He writes that Tanako Ellefsen must obtain sufficient insurance if she is to get the type of EEA residence card she has applied for.

If not, she will have to apply for other types of permits.

– There is, for example, a scheme with parental visas, where parents can apply to visit relatives in Norway for periods of nine months.

Considering going to court

Takako Ellefsen lives with her daughter Klara in Stavanger. Three sons live in Japan and Great Britain. She has grandchildren in Norway and Japan.

Her lawyer Maren Skåden and the family will consider on Tuesday whether to ask UNE to reverse the decision or whether to go to court.

– In our opinion, the insurance is comprehensive and good enough, says Skåden.


Published: 05.12.22 at 12:35 p.m

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