Sigrid Bonde Tusvik: – Jokes about the breakup from the stage

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik: – Jokes about the breakup from the stage
Sigrid Bonde Tusvik: – Jokes about the breakup from the stage

The well-known comedians Sigrid Bonde Tusvik (42) and Lisa Tønne (44) have for a number of years entertained the fans, often simply called “Phungfolket”, in the podcast “Tusvik & Tønne”.

To celebrate ten years of podcasting, the duo has recently been on tour with the show “Tusvik & Tønne 10 years”, where they have performed to full houses around the country.

About the criticism: – People want to kill me

Both Tusvik and Tønne are known for speaking straight from the heart and the podcast is no exception.

In August last year, however, there was an episode of the podcast that was a little out of the ordinary. There, Tusvik told that she was in a life crisis and going through a break-up, without wanting to go into any more details. No media chose to cover the case at the time.

Since then, the comedian has been silent about the break-up – until now.

RESPONDING TO THE CRITICISM: Sigrid Bonde Tusvik and Lisa Tønne spoke out about the criticism they received when they mentioned Ari Behn in their podcast. Here you can hear what they said. Reporter: Emilie Rydning / Dagbladet TV
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Revealed other people’s sex lives

During “Tusvik & Tønne 10 years”, Tusvik is said to have shared very personal things with the audience, where she among other things made a jab at her former husband, VGTV boss Martin Jøndahl. The details and characteristics from her own private life are of such a revealing nature that Dagbladet chooses not to reproduce them.

In addition, other people are said to have been harassed and the sex lives of others are said to have been disclosed. Dagbladet has been in contact with several audience members who say that they were surprised by the brutally honest and revealing content of the performance.

– I’m freaking out

The audience was given envelopes in advance, in which mobile phones were required to be placed. There was also a press ban on the performance.

The tour is intended as a tribute to the podcast and its listeners. Therefore, one can imagine that the show mainly consists of internal humor between the comedians and the fans.

MAKE AN IMPRESSION: Korps United, known from Sigrid Bonde Tusvik’s TV series of the same name, performed the song “Alle elsker korps” at Slottsplassen. It was a powerful moment for the crown princess. Video: NRK.
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For some in the audience, it was simply too much of a good thing.

– Grotesque representations

In an article in Aftenposten, Mona Hoff, nurse and college lecturer, writes that the performance was “embarrassing, shocking and sad”.

She believes, among other things, that Tusvik gets away too easily when she reveals her private life to others from the stage.

Hoff does not describe herself as part of the comedians’ fan base and admits that it has been a few years since she last listened to them. Nevertheless, she was in a festive mood and happy ahead of the performance.

It turned around quickly.

– Tusvik and Tønne have broken down many barriers and stigmas during their years as comedians, which I have admired them for. As I wrote in the column, the show started strongly with mental health on the agenda. Unfortunately, the show quickly turned to rather grotesque depictions of genitalia, and disclosure of one’s own and others’ sex lives, venereal diseases and mental health, to name a few, Hoff tells Dagbladet.

To the emergency room after an accident

– I felt at one point that I was in a “closed” room where there were no longer any boundaries, where everyone cheered and no one questioned what was said, and where the people who were hanged could not defend themselves.

Shocked audience

She sums up the performance by calling it, among other things, “boundless”.

– I don’t want to point the moral finger, but I think a reaction is in order when this is a form of humor that is boundless and comes at the expense of others.

Hoff says that she got the impression that the jokes were well received by the audience and that there was a good atmosphere in the hall. Nevertheless, she recalls that there were more people than herself who were shocked along the way.

Hoff does not think “internal humor” will be a good enough excuse for what was said.

– Cry for a week

– I naturally accept that my attitudes towards this show are not shared by Tusvik and Tønne’s fans, and that humor can be subjective, she says and continues:

– It is perhaps easy to think: “Why did I choose to go to this show, when their humor does not appeal to me?”, but this is the whole point. It is a publicly available show, I have listened to Tusvik and Tønne’s podcast before and I have been to a show with them. And when my friend invited me to this show, I said yes, precisely because I have been entertained by these ladies in the past. But what Tusvik and Tønne serve goes far beyond what I believe is about breaking stigma and barriers.

Dagbladet has been in contact with Martin Jøndahl, who states that he has no comment on the matter. Neither Sigrid Bonde Tusvik nor Lisa Tønne has yet answered our inquiries.

The article is in Norwegian

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