– Good gas news for Nordland!

– Equinor’s decision to further develop the Irpa field is very good news for Nordland and our municipalities with strong links to the petroleum business in the Norwegian Sea, says county councilor for planning and industry Linda Helen Haukland.

The decision will secure the jobs at the Aasta Hansteen field, the supply base in Sandnessjøen and the helicopter base in Brønnøysund, adds the county council.

The Irpa gas field in the Norwegian Sea is located 340 kilometers west of Bodø and contains an estimated 20 billion standard cubic meters of recoverable resources. The production will be carried out with bottom installations and the gas will be phased into the existing infrastructure via Aasta Hansteen and on to Nyhamna. The project is to be developed with three new wells and an 80 kilometer long pipeline to the Aasta Hansteen platform.

– Nordland county council is actively working towards being able to meet the Norwegian commitments to climate neutralisation. In this picture, Norwegian gas will still play a central role. The energy demand linked to the climate crisis and the war in Ukraine has created an enormous need for energy from suppliers other than Russia. Gas is called the bridge to the renewable society, and the EU has so far included gas in the taxonomy. I Nordland wants to contribute to ensuring that the petroleum industry takes part in the transition to a renewable society. This is therefore good news, which creates predictability for our bases and supplier companies at the same time as it contributes to the export of gas to a crisis-stricken European energy market, concludes Haukland.

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