Hammerfest, News | Stopping the search for Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud – the investigation continues

Hammerfest, News | Stopping the search for Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud – the investigation continues
Hammerfest, News | Stopping the search for Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud – the investigation continues

On Wednesday it became known that the police would start a search for missing Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud at the Vår Energi Arena at Prærien in Hammerfest.

On Thursday, the police will stop the search at the arena. They do so after they have not found the missing 23-year-old.

The police in Finnmark announced this in a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

– We have investigated a limited area, which we have considered interesting. This area has been examined in advance with technical equipment, which has yielded results. that something is at the bottom.

UPDATED 18:22:

In a press release following the press conference, Pettersen says the following:

– We conduct new interviews of people who have the status of witnesses. Some of these have been explained previously, but not all. The police still believe that the missing person is the victim of a criminal act that has been attempted to be concealed. That is our main hypothesis.

– It will also be relevant to investigate complicity in this or attempts to contribute to destroying evidence, removing or erasing traces of an action that may be important as evidence in a case, says Pettersen, according to a press release.

Had to investigate

He says that the police’s dogs have made markings in areas by the sports hall, which means that they felt compelled to carry out a search in the area.

– That is the background for the digging, which we have now carried out. We have not been sure, but we cannot live with uncertainty if something is there. And that’s why we’ve done it here, to get answers.

He further says that it is important to point out that the marking of a criminal detection dog is not a definitive answer in any way.

– But it is a good indicator and can be used as help and decision support in the further search. And then we have once again received assistance to search the area with a sniffer dog. We need to assess the result of this further and more closely. .

The investigation continues at full strength, he says. They state that they still believe that Mohamud has been subjected to a criminal act.

Here you can watch the recording of the press conference.

Last seen in 2020

The investigation has been ongoing since he disappeared and the last confirmed sighting was on 18 December 2020, i.e. almost two years ago.

Through the investigation, the police have received a number of tips about what may have happened to him and have received information about possible sightings both locally in Hammerfest, in Alta, and in Oslo.

The police’s main hypothesis is that Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud has been the victim of a criminal act which has been attempted to be concealed. This hypothesis has been one of several hypotheses ever since he was reported missing by his family on 6 January 2021.

The police received only one tip after “Åsted Norge” on TV2 in April addressed the disappearance mystery in Hammerfest, where Abdullahi Dayib Mahamud has been missing since December 2020.

– We are still on bare ground and have taken all possible investigative steps in the case, said investigative leader Bjørn Tore Svendsen in the Finnmark police district to iFinnmark on 21 April this year.

  • 18 December 2020

    Last confirmed sighting of Abdullahi Dayib Mohamud

    Abdullahi visited a public office this day. When Abdullahi was last seen he was wearing a dark jacket with a white hoodie underneath. The electronic movement on Mohamud’s bank card on December 18 two hours later. A surveillance image outside the bank is the last sure track you have of the missing person. After Abdullahi had withdrawn money from the ATM on Friday afternoon, he is said to have been observed later in the evening and on the night of Saturday at a party with some friends in Fjordadalen. All party participants have been questioned. – Here there has been a lot of intoxication in the picture, so it was difficult to get the exact time when Mohamud is supposed to have been here and when he left the party sometime late at night, says investigation leader Bjørn Tore Svendsen.

  • 6 January 2021

    Abdullahi is reported missing

    When Abdullahi had not turned up at home for a long time, the family contacted the police.

  • 9 January 2021

    The police are searching the harbor area

    – I cannot go into more detail about why we chose to search the harbour. But I can say that it is about historical information. Otherwise, we had no indications that he was going to be right in the harbour, says investigation manager at the police Bjørn Tore Svendsen to iFinnmark.

  • 12 January 2021

    The police are asking the public for tips in the case

    The police receive dozens of tips in the case.

  • Thursday 14 January 2021

    The police are continuing the search in the harbor area.

    – We will use what little daylight there is now that the weather permits, and conduct a surface search in the inner harbour, says the head of the investigation. The search is unsuccessful.

  • 28 January 2021

    The police decide that they are now looking for a presumed dead person.

    After a series of searches and interrogations, the police have not been able to come up with any explanation as to what may have happened.

  • Thursday 21 April 2022

    “Åsted Norge” on TV2 takes up the case

    The police received a tip after the programme. The tip came from Hammerfest. – It is a general tip, which does not take us any further. We are no closer to a solution. We have archived it together with other tips in our database on the matter. We are still standing on bare ground, says investigative leader Bjørn Tore Svendsen to iFinnmark.

  • 23 November 2022

    The police are carrying out concrete searches at the sports hall in Hammerfest

    The main hypothesis is that he has been exposed to a criminal act.

This is what the plot looked like weeks before Abdullahi disappeared: – I was shocked when I heard that the police were going to search next to the hall

Abdullahi’s sister: – We hope that he will now be found

The police on the search for missing persons: – We have several people on the loose

The article is in Norwegian

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