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No longer an explosion hazard at Alfaset in Oslo

No longer an explosion hazard at Alfaset in Oslo
No longer an explosion hazard at Alfaset in Oslo

The situation appeared dramatic for a period after a truck with gas cylinders overturned at Alfaset in Oslo. For a period, the police considered shooting holes in gas cylinders to avoid the risk of an uncontrolled explosion. On Thursday evening, the situation was clarified.

Police have cordoned off a large area around the crime scene. Here from Østre Aker vei, which is closed. Photo: Tomm W. Christiansen

Nov 24 2022 17:20

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At 19.30 NTB reports that there is no longer an explosion risk at Alfaset in Oslo.

– The danger of an explosion has been clarified, says the police task leader at the scene.

VG writes that the police have been inside the car’s cargo container with a robot and flew over with a drone. The conclusion is that they had no effect on gas.

The drama started around 5 p.m. A truck with gas cylinders, including acetylene, then overturned at Alfaset, the Oslo police wrote on Twitter at 5.02 p.m. Acetylene is a flammable and explosive type of gas.

– There is a very real danger of an explosion at the site, operations manager Vidar Pedersen told Aftenposten a little before 7pm on Thursday evening.

He said that the situation had not been clarified at the time. The police and fire brigade worked on the scene with drones and robots so as not to expose the rescue team to unnecessary danger.

Warning by SMS

The police sent out an SMS to those who were near the crime scene. The accident occurred in an industrial area.

The police showed the press a drone image of the truck with gas cylinders. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas / NTB

Acetylene is a colorless gas. Liquid form acetylene is highly explosive and cannot be transported. The gas is therefore dissolved in acetone under pressure and transported in special steel bottles. This is how acetylene can be transported safely and relatively harmless, says Store norske lexikon.

Sharpshooters in place

VG stated earlier this evening that the police’s sharpshooters were in place and that they were considering shooting holes in the bottles in order to limit the extent of the damage and avoid a possible explosion.

Pedersen confirms this to Aftenposten at 7pm.

– We have sharpshooters on site, but they have not been put into action. The reason we have them in place is to possibly shoot holes in the bottles to get the gas out. In this way, we remove the danger of explosion, he says.

Support leg broke

The accident occurred while the lorry was standing still on its supports.

The emergency services have large resources on site. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas / NTB

– One of the support legs snapped, and the car and the load shifted. For a while there was fear that the car would crash onto the train line nearby, and traffic here was stopped. A safety distance of 300 meters was established at the scene of the accident.

For a period, the important main road Østre Aker vei was closed.

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