The majority increases home purchases and strengthens volunteering – Dagsavisen

The majority increases home purchases and strengthens volunteering – Dagsavisen
The majority increases home purchases and strengthens volunteering – Dagsavisen

The leaks have come close from the majority parties in recent days (see fact box), and the press conference ahead of the budget being presented to the chairmanship was marked by the news of a strong increase in allocations to voluntary teams and organisations, of NOK 6 million. On the audience bench sat a number of clearly satisfied representatives of volunteerism. The increase goes to the Blue Cross, the Church’s City Mission, Animal Protection, Existence, Red Cross, SIS student health station, Skipper Worse and Fri Rogaland.

– We need the community

APS group leader Dag Mossige drew the broad lines.

– The differences in Stavanger politics are clear. We want to strengthen the public sector, not have services put out to tender to provide private profit. More than ever, we need the community, Mossige summed up, and pointed out that while the majority want universal schemes such as free security alarms for everyone, today’s minority wants to a greater extent needs testing of municipal services.

Senior investment

He also referred to investments such as NOK 38 million annually for house assistants in nursing homes and an extra NOK 35 million for permanent substitutes in home nursing.

– I think there has never been a greater strengthening of care for the elderly in Stavanger, said Mossige, who believes that the investment in house assistants will also make it easier to recruit skilled workers in the nursing homes.

Buying homes faster

Frode Myrhol (FP) pointed to an increase in the basic deduction on property tax and a restructuring of the municipal director’s profile on the purchase of municipal housing, where NOK 70 million has been set aside in 2023, increasing to NOK 130 million in 2026

– The municipal director will also spend NOK 400 million over four years, but will turn the numbers around, and will start with NOK 130 million in 2023, said Myrhol.

Fees increase a lot

However, the majority has not found room to reduce the increases in the municipal fees that the director of the municipality has included in the action and financial plan. This means, among other things, a 24 per cent increase in the water charge, a 12 per cent increase in the sewage charge and an 8 per cent increase in the waste disposal charge.

– Yes, we prioritized increasing the basic property tax deduction, says Mossige to RA.

He has, however, received signals from the administration that it may be possible to reduce expenses in these services by between 2 and 3 per cent.

– Then it is possible that, in the run-up to the municipal council’s consideration of the action and financial plan, we will see if we can reduce the fees accordingly, says Mossige.

Increases tax estimates and uses funds

Mindretallet satser på skole, barnehage og eldreomsorg ]

The balancing of the budget takes place by increasing the municipal director’s tax estimate for 2023 and draining the municipality’s eventually very well-filled fund accounts. The majority also collects NOK 5 million from Stavanger Parkeringsselskap, collects NOK 6 million in climate tax for cruise traffic and calculates with NOK 5–7 million in reduced expenses by cutting commercial staffing agencies in the kindergartens

The NOK 25 million the municipality will use next year to support dental treatment for those who cannot afford the high deductible will be taken, for example, from the Aquaculture Fund.

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  • From the majority parties’ proposal for the Action and financial plan, which was adopted by the municipal council on 12 December:
  • NOK 35 million extra for permanent substitutes in home nursing over the four-year period.
  • The school meal scheme is increased by NOK 1.5 million annually in the municipal director’s proposal. The majority will add NOK 5 million in 2023 and NOK 10 million in 2024, 2025 and 2026. The scheme will be expanded from the current 9 schools to around 18–20 schools from the 2023–2024 school year. In addition, NOK 2 million is set aside for more equipment annually.
  • The basic deduction for property tax will be increased from NOK 625,000 to NOK 825,000 in 2023. This amounts to NOK 461 per household.
  • NOK 3 million annually in increase to the physiotherapy and occupational therapy service.
  • The pilot project with house assistants in nursing homes will be expanded by NOK 21 million in 2023 and by NOK 38 million annually from 2024. It is estimated that the increase will amount to three house assistants in each nursing home.
  • NOK 25 million in municipal support for deductibles for dental health for adults.

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