Caught in the act – now a huge fine awaits – Dagsavisen

Caught in the act – now a huge fine awaits – Dagsavisen
Caught in the act – now a huge fine awaits – Dagsavisen

BERGEN (Dagsavisen): On Wednesday, inspectors from the National Roads Administration were ready at Juvik on Askøy outside Bergen. The cars that passed were scanned with an automatic number plate recognizer, which warns of cars that lack EU inspection, insurance or need to be separated.

A couple of hours into the inspection, a BMW drove by. According to control manager Lars Harald Drange, it seemed that the driver tried to hide behind the car in front when he spotted the control further ahead.

NOK 86,550 fine

But the inspectors smelled the fuse, and were able to wave him into the square. There they found that the car was neither EU approved nor insured.

– Our computer system revealed that the car had been driven for 577 days without insurance. The daily rate for lack of insurance is NOK 150 in penalty fees, and a quick round of the calculator revealed that it will be NOK 86,550. It is probably more than the value of the car, says Drange.

The car was a 2010 model BMW 116D. This type of car is currently for sale for around NOK 50,000 on Finn.

– He was somewhat upset, says Drange about the car owner’s reaction to the whole thing.

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A rush in the rush

He emphasizes that there may be an error in their systems which means that the insurance is not registered.

– For example, that the names of the car owner and policy holder have been changed, and thus do not match. But in that case the insurance board will find out before they issue the penalty fee.

The case continues below the video

The man’s car was not the only one that was separated this afternoon. A total of five drivers had to leave the car without plates at the checkpoint due to a lack of EU control.

Several cars were left without plates after the inspection. (State Highways Authority )

– In rush hour traffic, we caught five cars on the ramp using our scanner. It is clear that we should have more controls during this period, says Drange.

The owners of “one-eyed bandits” and a trailer with no lights and worn-out tires were also slapped. Then there were also police reports.

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