– There are only two genders

– The view of gender as something fluid and changeable makes gender much more difficult than it needs to be. It can cause problems for young people, warns Glenn-Peter Sætre, professor of evolutionary biology at UiO.

See the full interview with him above.

In Norway, the law on changing legal gender means that everyone, based on their own experience of gender and gender identity, can decide which legal gender should appear in the national register and the social security number.

However, this law does not change the biological fact:

– There are only two genders. Females have large gametes and males have small gametes, explains Glenn-Peter Sætre, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Oslo (UiO).

In the recent podcast Ness, he explains what gender really is. Listen to the entire podcast here, or watch it at the top of the story:

– But we live in a time where everyone can change gender, right?

– Maybe legally, but that doesn’t change the underlying biology. Biologically, it is impossible to change sex, explains Sætre.

– And what about the claims that female brains can be trapped in boys’ bodies or vice versa?

– There are scientific hypotheses for which no evidence has been found.

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