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DARKNESS: On Wednesday evening, large parts of the capital Kyiv were without electricity and dark as a result of Russia’s bombing of the electricity supply in Ukraine. Photo: STRINGER / Reuters

Russia’s bombing of electricity and heat supplies in Ukraine is a sign that Russia is losing the war on the ground, according to Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap).


Less than 30 minutes ago

– How desperate is an attacking country when you want to freeze people to death, asks the foreign minister.

She is clearly upset that Russia’s bombing campaign in recent days has managed to cut the electricity and heat to up to 70 percent of Ukraine’s population.

Last night on Thursday, the Norwegian UN ambassador Mona Juul was clear in her condemnation of these attacks in the UN Security Council in New York.

– It is proof that there is no military progress for Russia on the ground, says Huitfeldt to VG.

CONDEMNS BOMBING: Anniken Huitfeldt will discuss Russia’s latest wave of attacks against Ukraine in NATO next week. Photo: Tore Kristiansen / VG

People flee

– Russia has suffered many military setbacks in Ukraine, and has been forced to withdraw its soldiers from large areas. What they are now doing are targeted attacks on what is important to people, she says.

– We have talked a lot about the danger of cyber attacks, but then Russia resorts to old-fashioned bombing of vital infrastructure. This can lead to people fleeing, and the situation for children, the elderly and the sick getting worse, and making it more difficult for the hospitals.

– Are these war crimes on the Russian side?

– We have to investigate that. In any case, there may be a violation of humanitarian law. That is why we wanted to take it to the UN Security Council on Wednesday evening. Now evidence must be gathered for everything that happens on the ground. There must come a day when those behind it must be held accountable for what they are doing now, says the foreign minister.

New wave of refugees?

– Does Europe have to prepare for a new wave of refugees from Ukraine?

– It is a bit too early to say anything about. It may also be that the will to stand by it and show resistance will be even greater, that people will stay to show that they will not be threatened. Opposition to Russia is growing in the population, and there is more unity in the Ukrainian people. But we must be prepared for vulnerable groups wanting to flee.

– It is cold in Kyiv in the winter. When it drops to minus 20 degrees, it is difficult to manage without electricity in a big city, she adds.

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Buying gas

It is expected that NATO’s foreign ministers will condemn Russia’s attack on the energy supply in the strongest terms, and that the member states will provide various forms of assistance. Huitfeldt will attend the alliance’s foreign ministers’ meeting in Bucharest next week.

– We will pass this on to NATO, that Norway is an energy nation you can trust, says Huitfeldt.

She says that Norway is contributing NOK 2 billion to Ukraine’s gas purchases over the winter, in collaboration with the European Development Bank.

Contributes with transformer station

– Norway has a lot of technical knowledge on the energy side, which we contribute, for example through Statnett. Among other things, we also provide a transformer station which enables them to supply a larger part of the population with electricity.

– Is there a danger that the will to support Ukraine will decrease in Europe where people struggle with more expensive food and energy?

– I was worried this summer that the attention would decrease. But because the warfare has become more brutal, there is a growing will behind the support in the countries that stand in solidarity with Ukraine. Norway must also contribute more, says Huitfeldt.


Published: 24.11.22 at 14:15

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