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PARENTS: Ida Haug Petersen and Carl Fredrik Arntzen experienced their daughter being lured into a car at Jar school in Bærum on Wednesday morning. Photo: Private

She had told her daughter what she should do if someone tried to lure her in: – I’m very happy about that now, says Ida Haug Petersen.


Less than 20 minutes ago

Four children have allegedly been lured into cars in eastern Bærum in recent days.

Budstikka mentioned the matter first.

  • On Thursday 17 November, a student at Stabekk school is said to have been lured into a black van.
  • On Saturday 19 November, the same thing happened to two children who were near Jar school.
  • On Wednesday 23 November, a girl on her way to Jar school is said to have been lured into a car.

Oslo police district confirms to Budstikka that they are familiar with the case and have been given a description of a small black van with dark windows.

The last girl mentioned above is the daughter of Ida Haug Petersen and Carl Fredrik Arntzen.

– She walked with other children on the way to school, but met a lady with a dog, which caused tension in the group, Arntzen tells VG.

The ten-year-old walked a little by herself, when a black car stopped next to her, she has said.

– A man rolled down the window and said “I have agreed with your mother that I will drive you to school”, says Ida Haug Petersen.

The man is said to have spoken a pure eastern dialect.

– Couldn’t answer

The girl asked if the man had her mother’s phone number – as she had learned. The man was unable to answer this.

The 10-year-old ran into the nearest garden and hid behind a car.

Then the man quickly drove off.

– We have talked a lot about how to handle such situations after the incident at Stabekk last week. I am very happy about that now, says the mother.

THE SCHOOL: Jar school in Bærum has 550 pupils from 1st to 7th grade. Photo: Bjoertvedt / Wikimedia Commons

Afterwards, the daughter ran on to Jar school and told a friend about the incident, who then informed a teacher.

The incident has created a great deal of interest in the local community, and the parents report a good presence of the police in the area.

– Now driving to and from school will be at a high level. The children should not walk a meter alone, says Ida Haug Petersen, who also has a son of school age.

– Talk to the children

The principal at Jar school sent an SMS to the parents on Wednesday and stated that both incidents involving their children have been reported to the police.

Principal Kathrine Selvikvåg Malme writes that the teachers have been informed and encouraged to talk to the pupils about what they should do in a similar situation.

– We also encourage parents to talk to their children about what to do if someone follows them or tries to lure them, Malme tells VG.

Communication with guardians is based on emergency preparedness analyzes and is designed in collaboration with the police and the communication unit in Bærum municipality.

– Advice to run away

– We keep it sober so as not to create more fear. No one benefits from it. We should not interpret or speculate, but stick to what we know.

– Do parents have reason to be concerned?

– It is not surprising if they become, although I hope this can be quickly ended, so that people can stop being worried. I would like to be apart of such episodes.

– What advice do you give to students?

– The teachers advise the pupils to run away and not answer, if strangers try to lure them in, says the principal at Jar school.

She is keen to inform and be in close dialogue with parents and neighboring schools and let the police handle the investigation.

– I feel strongly for those affected

The head of the Parents’ Work Committee (FAU) at Jar School is in dialogue with the school’s management and is confident that the police and the school’s management work closely together.

– Like other parents, I am put off by something like this happening in our neighbourhood. You feel strongly for those affected, says FAU leader Jan Axel Syberg to VG.

He encourages parents to talk to their children.

– We must stick to the facts and work to ensure that the children are not scared. We must ensure that the children feel that the way to school is safe, says the FAU leader at Jar school.

– Attempted kidnapping

After the first, well-known case last Thursday, principal Anne-Marie Skjerve at Stabekk primary school informed the parents in a letter quoted in the local newspaper Budstikka:

– A pupil at Stabekk school was attempted to be kidnapped after school and after-school hours. The student was on her way to a friend’s when a large, black van stopped her in Tjernsrudveien.

The principal further wrote that the student ran from the scene and that a man followed. He turned as the girl ran into her friend’s driveway.

In the second case on Saturday, two students at Jar school were spoken to from a car. It was outside school hours, but happened in the school’s local environment, according to headmaster Malme.


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