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Growing up, School | The Minister of Education after a meeting about the teachers’ strike: – The answer and the solution lie with the parties

KNOWLEDGE DEPARTMENT (Nettavisen): The parties in the teachers’ strike will meet at the Riksmegleren on Saturday at 10, reports NRK.

It is happening after the meeting between Minister of Education Tonje Brenna (Ap) and the parties in the conflict on Friday did not lead to progress.

8,300 teachers have gone on strike across the country. The strike has been going on since the beginning of June, but was seriously stepped up around the start of school in August.

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Last Sunday, the parties sat in a two-hour long meeting, without getting any closer to a solution. The same was the case after Friday’s meeting at the Ministry of Education.

After an hour and a half long meeting, Minister of Education Tonje Brenna said that the parties had had a good meeting.

– For me, it has been important to emphasize that the answer and the solution still lie with the parties, says Brenna after the meeting.

– Serious for the students

The strike has been going on since 20 June, but has escalated in the last month. At the time of writing, 8,300 teachers have gone on strike.

The meeting was about briefing the minister on the situation, said head of the Swedish Education Association Steffen Handal after the parties in the teachers’ strike had been summoned to a meeting with Minister of Education Tonje Brenna (Ap)

Now Steffen Handal in the Education Association warns that the strike will continue.

– The Minister is well informed about the situation. The meeting took place in a civilized manner, we are professional people, says Steffen Handal in the Education Association.

He sees no immediate solution to the strike.

– I went to the meeting with the expectation that the minister would be able to contribute to a solution, but unfortunately nothing has been put forward that can resolve the conflict. So the strike continues, says Handal to NTB.

– Nothing has happened in the meeting to indicate that we are closer to a solution. On the contrary, we are where we were before the meeting, he says.

Brenna was clear that the solution can be found between the parties in the teachers’ strike, which the Minister of Education must have been clear about in the meeting.

– It is very important for the government that we find a solution to this, and get the children back to school. Until the parties agree, we have no solution to the strike, says Brenna.

According to Brenna, the most important thing at the meeting was to show how serious the strike is.

– It is a serious situation for our students, says the Minister of Education.


Before the meeting, the representatives from KS and the teachers’ organizations Education Association, Norsk Lektorlag and the National Association of Schools are silent.

– I hope it is not such a deadlocked situation, says the head of the National Association of Schools Mette Johnsen Walker to Nettavisen.

KS is ready to attend a meeting with the national mediator if they are asked, says leader of negotiations Tor Arne Gangsø.

– I have no opinion on that, says the negotiator when asked about the compulsory wage board.

The head of the Education Association, Steffen Handal, did not want to talk to the press ahead of the meeting. Education Minister Tonje Brenna has said she will make a statement after the meeting.

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– Towards the end

On Thursday, Education Minister Tonje Brenna stated that she did not want to comment on the parties in the strike.

– What I can say is that my call to the parties is to find a solution as soon as possible, so that the pupils can return to school. I can assure you that the ministry is following the situation and gathering information about how the strike is affecting the students, Brenna told Nettavisen.

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The Ministry of Labor and Inclusion said that the threshold is high before intervening in the conflict with the compulsory wage board.

Kristine Nergaard, working life researcher at Fafo, however, believed that the chances were high that the strike is now coming to an end.

The consequences are so great, and the noise from the reports about the unfortunate effects of the strike is starting to become so extensive, Nergaard told Nettavisen.

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