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Avisrunden, Norwegian newspapers | The newspaper round: When Karin looked into her house, she was about to faint

Avisrunden, Norwegian newspapers | The newspaper round: When Karin looked into her house, she was about to faint
Avisrunden, Norwegian newspapers | The newspaper round: When Karin looked into her house, she was about to faint

When Karin looked into her house, she was about to pass out (Glåmdalen)
Karin Bartels rented out her house, and was about to faint when she looked inside it.

– I could hardly believe my ears when he said that. I myself sat outside in the car and waited, because it smelled so bad that I couldn’t bear to go in there, she says.

Bartels rented out a house, which after six months was full of rubbish and excrement from cats and dogs. She didn’t get anything back on the insurance.

– I was the one who rented out the house where the Norwegian Food Safety Authority used masks when they entered. But the valuer from the insurance company Fremtind Forsikring said that I could just wipe over with a damp cloth – then everything was fine, she claims.

It has been three years since it happened, but this autumn the matter has resurfaced.

Bartels was summoned as a witness when the case about the tenant’s animal husbandry was up in the district court this autumn. There, the tenant was sentenced to 30 days in prison, and Bartels was left with a ruined house. Read more here (+).

Ine from Aremark went from glam life in LA to bomb alarms in Ukraine: – I felt I had to contribute something (Halden Arbeiderblad)
For ten years, Ine Back Iversen (33) has lived and worked in glamorous Los Angeles. This summer she traveled to the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, where she reports from war-torn areas.

– At the start of the war, I followed closely all reports from Ukraine. A feeling arose that I had to contribute something. It felt so close to home in Norway, that something like this could happen in Europe in 2022, she says.

– Right then and there I decided to go. And for the past few months I have been here in Kyiv, adds the 33-year-old from Aremark in Viken.

Since 2012, she has lived and worked in Los Angeles. The road is undeniably very long from the red carpet in Hollywood to today’s Kyiv.

– There are extreme contrasts, no doubt about it. For me, life changed a lot during the pandemic. It’s fun with Hollywood and celebrity stuff. But there are more important things in life, and now I had an opportunity to contribute with something that is actually important, she says.

In Ukraine, she reports to Walter Report among others. Which is an organization and news site that updates about the situation in Ukraine. It was created after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February. Read more here (+).

A new trend means that the municipality is considering closing several facilities: – This can be a dangerous game (Östlands-Posten)
Larvik municipality has received several reports of a new dangerous activity among children and young people.

– We have received several reports that children and young people are lighting fires inside the cramped bunkers, and that they are trying to make fires as explosive as possible by, among other things, throwing spray cans with pressure on the fires. This can be a life-threatening game, and it has clearly become a sport, says Ragnar Kløverød in the public prosecutor’s office in the municipality to Østlands-Posten.

Explosive fires are lit inside bunkers in the district, and then photos and videos are posted online as bragging rights.

Kløverød thinks the trend is sad, and the municipality is now considering taking measures.

– Some of the bunkers are on municipal land, and we will consider whether we have to close some of the bunkers if they are still used in this way, he says.

However, Kløverød says that it will not be relevant to remove bunkers or make them inaccessible to people. Read more here (+).

The article is in Norwegian

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