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Iran, Mahsa Amini | Listhaug demands that Norway take action in the Security Council: – It is cruel when the moral police kill innocents

Iran, Mahsa Amini | Listhaug demands that Norway take action in the Security Council: – It is cruel when the moral police kill innocents
Iran, Mahsa Amini | Listhaug demands that Norway take action in the Security Council: – It is cruel when the moral police kill innocents

STORTING (Nettavisen): The death of Iranian Mahsa Amini has provoked strong international reactions and triggered massive protests in a number of Iranian cities. Several people are said to have been killed in the demonstrations.

The 22-year-old was arrested by the so-called “morality police” in Tehran on 13 September because she was “indecently dressed” in accordance with the regime’s strict dress code, which, among other things, requires women to cover their hair.

According to eyewitnesses, Amini was brutally beaten up by the morality police at the scene. She fell into a coma and died three days later in custody.

Nettavisen meets Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug and the Norwegian-Iranian public debater Mina Bai at the Storting on Thursday morning.

– It is absolutely horrible that we see the moral police killing innocent people and that the oppression of women in Iran has claimed yet another human life, says Listhaug to Nettavisen.

– We must understand the pressure the Iranians are living under. We must understand that they are fed up and have had enough. For over 40 years this regime has interfered in everything people do. There is no freedom. Iranians are a young population where a significant proportion is under 30 years of age. They want freedom, they want to breathe and they want to live, says Bai to Nettavisen.

– What we also react to is that the Norwegian foreign minister was not quick to condemn this here, but then had to be asked by the Norwegian media about this before she did so. I believe we must be blunt and clear when dealing with the Iranian authorities, who oppress the population and who treat the female part as second-class citizens, says Listhaug.

Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Ap) told Nettavisen on Monday during the UN’s high-level week in New York (a scant week after the assault and three days after the death) that the case “raises great resentment”.

Demands that Norway take action in the Security Council

The FRP leader demands that the Norwegian government use international platforms and its position through membership of the UN Security Council to raise human rights and especially women’s rights in Iran high on the agenda.

– Norway has sat on the UN Security Council for quite some time now. The least we can expect is that we bring this case before the Security Council, put it on the agenda and strongly condemn this death and the regime’s suppression of the population, says Listhaug.

– We see that people are quick to condemn if things happen elsewhere, but here it is clearly not so careful. This is an attitude that is simply not acceptable, she adds.

– I was clear that we react strongly

Huitfeldt assured on Monday that the matter will be taken up with the Iranian authorities at a later date. On Thursday, Foreign Minister Huitfeldt had a meeting with Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in New York. Ukraine, the Iranian nuclear deal, women’s rights, the death of Mahsa Amini, green energy and food shortages were the topics of the talks.

– I brought up Mahsa Amini’s tragic death when I met Iran’s foreign minister in New York today. I was clear that death is something that many of us react strongly to. It is important that the incident is investigated. Those who are behind must be held accountable, writes Foreign Minister Huitfeldt in a reply in an e-mail to Nettavisen on Thursday evening.

The statements were also sent to NTB, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs himself posted a message on

on Thursday evening where she refers to the death as a murder.

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Huitfeldt further writes to Nettavisen that “it is very disturbing that several people should have died in connection with Iranian security forces’ reactions to the demonstrations after the death”.

– The protests send a strong signal to Iran’s authorities that the hijab order and its current enforcement is something that many Iranians experience and react to as an assault on individual freedom. Norway will continue to address the human rights situation and women’s rights in our meetings with the Iranian authorities and in the UN, the foreign minister writes in the email.

– Hats off to Huitfeldt, who has had a blast

Nettavisen has asked Iver B. Neumann, who is one of Norway’s foremost experts on diplomacy, whether the statements from Foreign Minister Huitfeldt can be interpreted and defined as a condemnation.

– Let me put it this way. It is a powerful protest. This is powerful diplomatic language and very clear. It is not just the enforcement of the hijab ban that she criticizes, but the ban itself. Now Iran is the only state in the world that operates with general dress codes. So you’re not talking about what you have to wear to enter a restaurant, but a general ban, says Neumann, who is director of the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, to Nettavisen.

– I find it very interesting that she goes into such detail. This is definitely strong diplomatic language. What must be remembered here is that it is still difficult to criticize internal conditions in a state. This is something we have been doing since the Second World War and up through the Cold War. But these are still very delicate matters. There is something very undiplomatic about the word “condemnation” because the whole point of diplomacy is to talk together about things, says Neumann.

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– She condemns a practice. It is a principle that you do not condemn an ​​entire state because of a practice. It happens that one condemns an action, but then one condemns the actions of a state.

– So this is about the strongest language a foreign minister can use towards another foreign minister?

– Yes absolutely. Hats off to the Minister for Foreign Affairs who has messed up, says Neumann.

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Admiring brave Iranians

The death of Mahsa Amini has sparked massive protests and demonstrations in Iran this week. Several people are said to have been killed. Iran Human Rights states on Thursday that at least 31 people have been killed in the demonstrations and protests.

Listhaug says she admires brave Iranians who are now protesting in their thousands in the streets, and Iranian women who openly throw and burn their hijabs on social media in protest.

– Everyone understands that this is something they do with their lives as an effort. This really shows how cruel it is for them to live in such conditions, when they are willing to risk so much to express their opinions. That is why they deserve our greatest respect, support and honour, she says.

– Why do you think this case in particular has created so much commitment and reactions both nationally and internationally, Listhaug?

– This was a young, healthy and fast lady who was taken in by the morality police because she was not wearing the hijab correctly. It shows an abuse of power and a suppression of people which causes strong reactions. It is often such individual matters that light a spark, and which lead to debates and riots. This case created just that. And then we must support the Iranian people and help where we can, and put pressure on the Iranian authorities, she says.

– We cannot do anything in Iran. It is the Iranian population that must work for a change. And we know that there are strong forces in Iran that want a change. But what Norway can do is stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people and show our unconditional support, says Listhaug.

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– Norway has been very neutral

Mina Bai, who has been a columnist in Nettavisen for a number of years, wrote a scathing column on Sunday in which she criticized the Norwegian foreign minister’s initial handling of the Mahsa Amini case.

“Why isn’t Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt on the field, and condemning the murder of an innocent woman who was a victim of the violence of the morality and clothing police in the Islamic State of Iran?” wrote Bai in the chronicle.

Mina Bai: I’m angry and frustrated and I’ve had enough

– I think Norway has been very neutral when it comes to Iran. When Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri Kani visited Norway at the beginning of June, there was no criticism. The Norwegian authorities welcome these people and say that women’s rights and human rights are being discussed behind closed doors. I think we are letting the Iranians down. It’s not like we’re going to bring freedom to them, but once the Iranians are on the field, we have to support them, says Bai to Nettavisen.

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Condemned the arrest

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, condemned the arrest and violence against Mahsa Amini in a

on Tuesday.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde expressed support for the Iranian people on

Wednesday this week. US Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken has also drawn attention to the matter.

“Mahsa Amini should be alive today. Instead, the United States and the Iranian people mourn her. We ask the Iranian government to stop their systematic prosecution of women and allow peaceful protests,” Blinken wrote on


The article is in Norwegian

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