Arfan Bhatti charged with complicity in the bar shooting in Oslo, according to TV 2 – VG

A man has been charged with complicity in the bar shooting in Oslo, the police say. According to TV 2, it is Arfan Bhatti (44).


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– A man has been charged with complicity in a terrorist act after the bar shooting, says police attorney Børge Enoksen during the press conference.

The police believe the man is abroad, but will not say which country this is. They are working with foreign authorities to get the man arrested.

– He is a Norwegian citizen in his 40s and is known to the police from before, says Enoksen.

He also has a relationship with 42-year-old Zaniar Matapour, who has been arrested and charged.

According to TV 2, it is the convicted Norwegian Islamist Arfan Bhatti who is now charged and wanted for the terror.

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TARGET: Arfan Bhatti photographed in Oslo January 2012. Photo: Mattis Sandblad / VG

Two people were killed and 21 people injured in the shooting at the bars London and Per on the corner on the night of 25 June.

According to VG’s information, Zaniar Matapour (42) was stopped in connection with a SIAN demonstration this spring – together with the central Islamist Bhatti.

– We cannot comment on names at this time. There is a relationship between the person we have detained and the new person who has been charged, says Enoksen when asked by VG if it is true that it is Bhatti who is now wanted.

Bhatti has been staying in Pakistan lately.

Police prosecutor Børge Enoksen says that the police do not rule out more charges.

244 offended

Zaniar Matapourer charged with having committed murder and attempted murder with terrorist intent.

Matapour has so far refused to explain himself to the police. He has been forcibly admitted to the regional security post at Haukeland University Hospital for judicial observation. This observation aims to determine whether Matapour was sane when he fired.

One of the theories the police are working on is that the shooting was a hate crime aimed at gay people.

244 people have the status of aggrieved in the case, including the two deceased.


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