Here, the students have helped create their own school yard

Here, the students have helped create their own school yard
Here, the students have helped create their own school yard

In the rainy weather on Friday morning, students and teachers at Heia school met expectantly outside the school.

In front of them was a brand new schoolyard with a double zipline and balance track.

There were four representatives from last year’s student council at the school who had the honor of cutting the cord and declaring the school yard open. They have been involved in deciding what the new school yard will look like, and have participated throughout the process.

– It was a lot of fun to help decide. There were many different things to choose from, says Stine Løvåsdal, one of the student council representatives.

Successful participation

Sverre Arneberg Fredriksen, specialist adviser for outdoor life and facility development in Lier municipality, thinks that the involvement with the student council has been successful.

– It has gone really well. First we had a meeting with the school management and then we took it on to the student council to find out what they wanted. And it was very clear that it was a zipline, he says.

However, there was one challenge with the zipline. Namely the queue that would form to be able to use it.

– That’s when the student council suggested creating a balance track next to it so that it will be more fun to wait, says Fredriksen.

Fredriksen goes on to say that the municipality wants to continue to include students in such projects at Lier’s schools.

Streamed to

It is clear that the students at Heia school are satisfied. When the cord was cut, and the student council had taken its first trip on the new zipline, the children flocked.

– We knew there were many people at the school who wanted a zipline, so it was nice to be able to help decide that, says the student council.

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