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The police extend a big thank you to ER-AN after yesterday’s car closure

Thank you ER-AN: The employees stood up and helped those involved in yesterday’s car closure at Røykenes. Photo: Lesarfoto

Took those involved into the room, served coffee and showed care in a “fantastic way”.

Anne Marie Aarøen Vangsnes [email protected]

Published: 23/09/2022 10:21

– We in the police would like to extend a big thank you to ER-AN who took several of those involved into their premises, served coffee and showed care in a wonderful way.

That’s according to police superintendent Anne Lyssand at Bjørnafjorden police station.

At 12.19 yesterday, the police received a report of a traffic jam at ER-AN where several cars were involved.

A van should have driven into a passenger car in the direction of Bergen. The car was stationary. A total of three cars were involved.

When the middle car was hit from behind, he was taken into the car that was standing and flashed his way into the petrol station.

The airbags in the cars deployed and two of the vehicles had to be towed away.

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The van driver’s driver’s license was seized, but the man, who is in his 50s, did not consent to this.

All drivers blew to 0.0. Three people were taken to Haukeland University Hospital for observation, after complaining of neck pain.

It is an established case.

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