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Cultural night, Culture | – It’s incredibly cool. It is simply a bomb of culture

– I haven’t been here since it was a cinema, says Astrid Mork Knudsen when HA talks to the duo before Friday’s Culture Night.

The eyes go around the hall, and it is discussed what has changed since you saw films at the Aladdin cinema when you were younger. What Astrid and Carl André will show here on Friday is not too far from what was once in the historic building.

Adapted to the room

– Here it will be “projection mapping” with dance, says Mork Knutsen and points up to the stage and the canvas that hangs above.

It was because of the “projection mapping” technique that the project with Mork Knutsen and Johansson came about. Aurora Itland has helped choreograph the accompanying dance. So it is a trio of people from Haldense who are behind what people can see at the Aladdin Stage on Friday.

– I accidentally stumbled upon two videos by two Frenchmen who had a very cool “projection mapping”. Then I contacted Carl André and Aurora and wanted to create something cool with them.

– The special thing about the performance is that the video production is adapted to the dance.

Johansson says that there are very different movements when it comes to dance and video on the wall, which “projection mapping is”.

– Although it is very different, this creates interaction, he says.

First collaboration

Johansson and Mork Knutsen have known each other since their youth here in Halden. They have been part of the same environment, but never collaborated before.

– It’s really cool that you can collaborate like this, and use each other’s help in projects like this, even though we don’t really do exactly the same thing, Johansson says enthusiastically.

Carl André Johansson and Aurora Itland are responsible for the choreography, and it is precisely this choreography that was the starting point for the dance that takes place on stage.

– We have been working on this for over a year now, much of the work has been planning. We have worked to get the interaction we really wanted, says Mork Knutsen.

Often in Halden

The duo lives in the Oslo area on a daily basis, but taking a trip to Halden is not far from the artists’ minds.

– I’m actually quite often in Halden. What is really great about Halden is that there are so many localities. There are several theatres, there is the fortress and there are lots of other great places, says Johansson.

– Before we knew we were going to set up “Grow” at Kulturnatt, we actually talked about showing it in Halden. It’s incredibly fun to be part of Culture Night, adds Mork Knutsen.

Lots of soul in the walls

“Grow” is thus the piece that Johansson, Itland and Mork Knutsen have put together. It will be shown on the Aladdin Stage on Friday night, and according to the people behind the play, there will be something for everyone.

– This is something the public has not seen before. It is something unique, says the duo.

The play raises questions related to climate and the environment. A theme that engages everyone involved.

– There is no conclusion we are bringing here, but we hope that the play can create a reflection. We don’t say anything in the performance, it’s dance and animation. So this is certainly not a lecture on the topic, emphasizes Johansson.

The fact that the Aladdin Stage has housed the city’s cinema for many, many years comes in handy in this play.

– This is a hall with a good projector, and it is absolutely gold, says Mork Knutsen, who will use the projector for his part of the show. Video projection around the dance.

– This is a very friendly space, you can practice art here, you can watch films, you can dance and much more. It is absolutely great that you can use this as a cultural center. There is so much soul in the walls here, the duo agree.

“Bomb of culture”

The concept of Culture Night is something that both Mork Knutsen and Johansson like very much.

– It’s incredibly cool. It is simply a bomb of culture. Something that happens here is also something completely different that happens somewhere else. It’s not often you get to experience something like this, they say together.

– Maybe people see something they want to seek out later. This is a very good opportunity to experience something new, so all you have to do is be curious.

– You are welcome here regardless of how much dancing or other things you have seen before. This is for everyone, concludes the duo.

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