Culture & entertainment, Sarpsborg stage

Culture & entertainment, Sarpsborg stage
Culture & entertainment, Sarpsborg stage

Next weekend, among other things, there will be a fight for NM medals in wrestling in Grålumhallen. Several local athletes are among the favorites in their classes. It is Turn & Idrettslaget National which, in collaboration with the Norwegian Wrestling Association, organizes this year’s Norwegian wrestling championships for youth and juniors.

The youth class will be in action on Saturday, while the juniors wrestle on Sunday. There are around 140 athletes from a total of 29 clubs who are registered for this weekend’s championship.

– This is the best participation in this Norwegian championship in many years, says Petter Ullrich Gade in National. Sarpingen Anette Kure is the newly elected president of the Norwegian Wrestling Association, and she thinks it is great to welcome the NM in her home town.

– The Norwegian championships are important for Norwegian wrestling. Wrestlers from all over the country meet to measure their strength, to test their level against the very best, to challenge and show off. The temperature is guaranteed to be high and the audience will get to experience fantastic wrestling, exciting matches, spectacular moves, big surprises, some disappointments and a whole lot of wild cheering.

National has the following participants this weekend: Janniche Strømnes (pictured), Magomed Edaev, Ludvik G. Hatland, Kornelius Haraldsen, Bouvaiser Satujev, Walid Al-Neezi, Adrian Danielsen, Magomed Malsagov, Padram Nour, Valdermar Haraldsen and Torbjørn Gudevold Olsen.

If you do not see your event in the overview, send an email [email protected]then it is entered.

23 September, Glenghuset: Frank Brevik Band, at 21.00.

September 23, Dickens: “Jørgen’s Friday quiz”. General quiz suitable for everyone. Quiz master: Jørgen. Every Friday, at 8 p.m.

September 23, downtown: Children’s steps. The fourth-graders at Grålum primary school will go on a tour with town planners in Sarpsborg municipality to give their opinions about the local environment, at 08.30-11.00.

September 23, Mim’s bar: Rune Rudberg.

September 24, Odd Fellow: Sarpsborg Blues Club presents Fett Nok Blues Band.

24 September, Kaffeforretningen Sarpen: Sarpsborg Jazz Club holds a jazz café with the mini big band Cool Conference, at 16–18.

24 September, Gallery St. Marie: Art exhibition with Kristin Romberg.

24 and 25 September, Borgarsyssel museum: Join Barnesyssel in September – we make kites, at 11–15.

24 and 25 September, Grålumhallen: Wrestling National Championship for youth and juniors.

24 and 25 September: This weekend, NFF Østfold is holding the children’s football final and the last mini-festival of the year. All children who play football aged 6-10 will be in action on both Saturday 24 September and 25 September. In total, almost 7,000 children enter our football pitches these autumn days. The mini-festivals (ages 6-7) are organized at: Ås IL Fotball on Saturday and Selbak TIF on Sunday.

The children’s football final (8-10 years) is organized: Borgen IL – Saturday. All boys 8 and 9 years Halden/Sarpsborg Borgen IL Sunday.

The children’s football final (8-10 years) is organized:

Borgen IL – Saturday 24 September. All boys 8 and 9 years Halden/Sarprsborg

Borgen IL – Sunday 25 September. All boys 10 years Halden/Sarpsborg

Begby IL – Saturday 24 September. All girls all age 8. All boys Fredrikstad 8 years.

Berg IL – Saturday 24 September. All girls, all ages 9 and 10.

HSV Football – Saturday 24 September. All boys 8 and 9 years Follo/Moss

HSV Football – Sunday 25 September. All boys 10 years Follo/Moss

Ørje IL – Saturday 24 September. All boys 8, 9 and 10 years Indre Østfold

Lisleby IL – Saturday 24 September. All boys 9 and 10 years Fredrikstad

25 September, Sarpsborg stage: Østfold Youth Orchestra presents Tango and more. Atle Sponberg and Åsbjørg Ryeng.

27 September, Sarpsborg stage: Sarpsborg conference 2022, at 09.00.

28 September, Glenghuset: Standup Sarpsborg with headliner Sturla Berg-Johansen.

September 28, Philadelphia Church: The Elderly Council, in collaboration with the cultural walking stick, invites you to celebrate Senior Citizens’ Day.

28 September, Hannestad prayer house: Ingamay Hørnberg and Lennart Sjøholm.

29 September, Sarpsborg stage: Hanne Krogh – “Happiness is letting it swing!”.

29 September, Soli church: Concert with Therese Aronsen Gangestad, at 19.00.

29 September, Borgarsyssel museum: Exhibition opening. In this exhibition you can see photographs of Østfold seen through the lens of the Italian photographer Luca Berti, at 19.00.

September 29, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Vålerenga.

September 30, Dickens: “Jørgen’s Friday quiz”. General quiz suitable for everyone. Quiz master: Jørgen. Every Friday, at 8 p.m.

30 September, Glenghuset: Jenny-Alice Handelsby, at 21.00.

1 October, Olsen’s pub: Opening party with screening of Arsenal – Tottenham, Liverpool – Brighton, Frisk Asker – Sparta, quiz and concert with Pellygata Pop Orchestra.

October 6, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – The Star.

8 October, Glenghuset: PK Viking.

October 8, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Lillehammer.

8 October, Sarpsborg stadium: Sarpsborg 08 – FK Haugesund.

October 8, Mim’s bar: Blue Rockets.

14 October, Glenghuset: Zo Popi.

October 15, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Grüner.

18 October, Glenghuset: Fredrikstad big band.

20 October, Glenghuset: Sara’s voice. The performance was made in 2016 with support from World Mental Health Day, and touches on themes such as identity, belonging, grief and relationships. It is also about what can give life meaning again and make everyday life both manageable and understandable. Text: Grete Elise Dahlen Fjellgaard, song: Vigdis Oliversen and piano/song: Frederik Bjørnstad.

21 October, Glenghuset: Shadows nostalgia 14.

22 October, Glenghuset: Jon-Erik Gretland.

October 22, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – M/S.

23 October, Sarpsborg stadium: Sarpsborg 08 – TO.

October 25, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Storhamar.

27 October, Glenghuset: “East for love, west for dream”. Anne Marit Jacobsen and jazz pianist Helge Lien in a meeting with Inger Hagerup’s poetry.

27 to 29 October, Sarpsborg stage: The Diorama youngsters present “Fame – The musical”.

28 October, Glenghuset: Without Judgment, at 21.00.

29 October, Glenghuset: The party band Nada.

October 29, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Fresh Asker.

November 4, Sarpsborg stage: Sigvart Dagsland and DNBE.

November 5, Glenghuset: All Star Funk Norway. Gulli Briem (drummer in Mezzoforte) with a new project.

6 November, Sarpsborg stadium: Sarpsborg 08 – Kristiansund BK.

10 November, Sarpsborg stage: DNBE with school band.

11 and 12 November, Glenghuset: Festival Frond with Radio Luxemburg, Vrengt, Ann Weberg and Snødrev.

12 November, Sarpsborg stage: The Great Garlic Girls, 40th Anniversary Tour.

November 17, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Stavanger, at 18.00.

19 November, Glenghuset: Lars Erik Gudim Orchestra and Ole Børud.

19 November, Borgarsyssel museum: Autumn’s first Friday matinee tells the story of the German soldiers’ barracks camp at Tune rectory. By Sven G. Eliassen.

23 to 27 November, Sarpsborg stage: “Annie” with Villekulla and a seven-man orchestra, live dogs, Sanne Kvitnes (Miss Hannigan), Hans Petter Moen (Mr. Warbucks) and 200 musical buddies.

November 24, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Ringerike, at 18.30.

1 December, Sarpsborg stage: “Christmas show 2022” with Øivind Blunck, Tor Endresen, Reidun Sæther, Trond Nagell-Dahl and Erling Solland.

3 December, Sarpsborg stage: NRK super’s Christmas magic.

3 December, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Vålerenga, at 4 p.m.

4 December, Glenghuset: Christmas concert with Soul Sound.

December 10, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Stjernen, at 4 p.m.

11 December, Sarpsborg stage: Eva Weel Skram.

13 December, Sarpsborg stage: Christmas concert with Sol Heilo and DNBE.

17 December, Sarpsborg stage: Ørjan Burøe “Solo”.

18 December, Sarpsborg stage: Christmas show with Erik-André Hvidsten.

20 December, Glenghuset: Christmas with Monica and Dag.

21 December, Sarpsborg stage: “The Nutcracker” with Kuiv Grand Ballett.

22 December, Glenghuset: “Just a Christmas concert” with Erik Wenberg Jakobsen, Trond Lindheim and Ann Christin Elverum.

December 28, Sparta Amphitheatre: Sparta – Lillehammer, at 18.30.

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