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The debate, Wood burning | Can wood burning be banned?

The debate, Wood burning | Can wood burning be banned?
The debate, Wood burning | Can wood burning be banned?

Reader’s letter This is a debate entry, written by an external contributor. The post expresses the writer’s views.

“In this age when freedom is held in little esteem, it may be good for Norwegians to know that we have fostered here on home soil, a saint of freedom greater than Joan of Arc”, writes André Bjerke about the old woman against the current.

In both 1972 and 1994, the Norwegian people said no to the EU. We wanted to protect the right to self-determination, which has since leaked into the hands of elected representatives. They have accepted EU directives in full. These bids sound as if we were full members, without membership, but with billions in commitments.

Today’s electricity price debates are not only about horrible prices, but the management of Norway. In the present, we get to demonstrate how little the will of the people counts. Even the leader of the Labor Party is a staunch supporter of market liberalism and the EU and the development of market systems. Politically created monsters that threaten to devour welfare, businesses and jobs, such as are usually sacred to AP. The power debates persist because the politicians do not want to make lasting changes for the good of the people, only temporary fiddling. Energy production has ended up far out of control and beyond national control. The ground is dug away under democracy if we do not react.

“The property or the right to use a waterfall in this kingdom cannot, for the time being, be acquired by a foreign citizen without permission from the king.” This was unanimously decided at a government meeting in 1906. Even then, foreign buyers were watching behind the scenes. In the meantime, such commercial players have gained entry. The Energy Act of 1990, which came into force the following year, also received unison support. Power became a commodity on the power exchange Nordpol, originally state-owned, until the majority of the shares were sold. This was the start of a process that should awaken the old women in us. How can we take back control? Can the politicians govern if they have given up governance? To what extent are they responsible if they cannot be held accountable? We should no longer be reassured by politicians’ speeches.

Last year, the EU presented a draft to phase out wood as a heat source. Now it has been adopted. The crisis is intensified by introducing stultifying, even downright malicious measures. Europeans are indeed facing a cold winter. Wood stoves are currently popular. Of course they are. Surely we must be allowed to keep warm? But with today’s EU-obedient majority in Parliament, this can also become a Norwegian reality. People should rather fire with pellets according to the EU’s “Green Deal”. There are clearly money-hungry forces behind it. In times of need, a select few will profit from pellets and pellet stoves and make us dependent on producers, who can set prices as they see fit. It is certainly meant that we are going to play in the net of the profit mafia.

No until the EU has a lawsuit underway. They want to invalidate Acer. Why don’t we hear more, yes a lot about that matter? By the time the legal process is over, several destructive directives are on the way. We still have some discretion since Energy Package 4 will deprive us of more, and some are in a hurry to get the Renewables Directive through. I find this very worrying. We, the people, should be able to demand a clear parliamentary no because of our two EU nos. It is high time to resurrect the old woman, she against the current, but in a more organized and targeted form than just cutting the air with your fingers.

Kari Elisabet Reply, Gausdal

The article is in Norwegian


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