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School and upbringing, Birth | Wanting two people who helped her when labor started unexpectedly

School and upbringing, Birth | Wanting two people who helped her when labor started unexpectedly
School and upbringing, Birth | Wanting two people who helped her when labor started unexpectedly

– I have never forgotten those people, Olsen tells Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

It was on the morning of 2 April 2013 that Elisabeth Neset Olsen felt that the boy in her stomach suddenly wanted out.

– He was in a hurry, she says.

Dreaded car birth

Olsen and the child’s father agreed with AMK (Akutmedisinsk kommunikationsentral) that they should drive to Rudskogen and meet an ambulance there.

The couple sat in the car, and Olsen felt the contractions intensify.

She was told that she had to lie down in the back seat, so that the child would have a clear path in the event of a birth in the car.

– We stopped at the parking lot of Kiwi in Rakkestad so that I could change seats in the car. Just as I was about to open the door to the back seat, there was a strong scream that I had to jog off in the parking lot. I jogged and breathed alternately, she recounts while chuckling.

Then an unknown lady approached her and offered to help.

– I was completely engrossed in contractions, so I didn’t notice that anyone saw me as I jogged around the square in just my socks, says the 32-year-old.

Would welcome the child

The couple then drove on to Rudskogen. When they arrived, they discovered that the unknown, kind lady had followed them in her own car because she wanted to help.

– She said that she realized what was going on when she saw me outside Kiwi. Only then did it occur to me that I was doing this in public, and that I had been seen. I was at first concerned and embarrassed to have been seen in that condition, but quickly thought that this was a completely unknown woman who was actually willing to accept a child in the car. That was amazing! says Olsen and continues:

– You don’t often meet such people. She stood next to our car until the ambulance came with a blue light.


Olsen has a bit of a guilty conscience to this day towards this kind woman:

– When she asked me if she could help me, I answered her a bit harshly: “I’m just going to give birth – it’s going fine”. She didn’t give up and asked again if she could help me, but then the ambulance came.

Elisabeth Neset Olsen would very much like to get in touch with this nice lady.

In the search on Facebook, Olsen writes that she thinks the lady had fair hair, and that she may have worked on the industrial field at Rudskogen, because she drove there after the ambulance arrived.

Good help in the ambulance

Olsen is also looking for an apprentice who was a very good help for her in the ambulance that day.

– The ambulance crews were very calm, but efficient. There was a driver and two people in the back with me. There was a graduate who accompanied the child, and a young apprentice from the station in Sarpsborg who was incredibly good support throughout. She kept track of how often contractions came and helped me when I broke.

(The article continues after the picture)

– The apprentice asked to join the birth itself in the delivery room, since this was her first birth. Of course she was allowed to do that. I think it meant a lot to both her and me. The child’s father was also present during the birth, but he was not in the ambulance. The support and security I received from the apprentice meant a lot, and calmed me down in a chaotic situation, says the 32-year-old, who today lives in Mysen.

When this happened, she was 23 years old and lived in Trøgstad.

Olsen believes the apprentice had dark hair.

Hope to get in touch

Now she hopes that word of mouth can help her find these two nice and helpful women.

– They meant a lot to me in that incident where nothing went as planned, says Olsen in the inquiry on Facebook.

The birth took place three weeks before the due date.

– He wanted out as early as week 30, but I had managed to keep him in my stomach until week 37. My son is nine years old now, but I have never forgotten those people, Olsen tells Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

Several people helped

There were also several people who helped her to have a safe and good experience in the chaotic situation:

– The midwife came north from Fredrikstad and jumped into the ambulance at Hafslund. They were all so professional, and really made an effort to ensure that both me and my son were as well and safe as possible, she says gratefully.

The water broke when Olsen was at home at 06.05, and Sander was out at 09.36 at Fredrikstad hospital.

– He was healthy and fine when he came out. Later, he had seizures in his body because the birth went so quickly. Forced birth is not just plain, neither for mother nor child, observes Elisabeth Neset Olsen.

The article is in Norwegian

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