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With TV Bra at the dance gala

With TV Bra at the dance gala
With TV Bra at the dance gala

There is a red carpet, festively dressed participants and a good atmosphere as TV Bra sets up to record the evening’s big event. Participants from all over Innlandet are registered for the Dansegalla with Anne Nørdsti’s band on stage, and there will be singing and dancing for several hours. The organizers of Musikalis have been looking forward to it for a long time, and the TV team is well prepared with cameras, film stands and good questions.

Good team

Work must be done both in front of and behind the camera, as it is a lot of work to make good TV. Jan-Ruben Pedersen Eriksen is the reporter and Sigurd Tofastrud is the sound man this evening. They have good help from Stein Bjerke and Hege Walhovd on camera. All in all, they are a good team, who are on the move all evening to really take the pulse of a dance gala with a high party factor, finstas and sausage fest during the break.

Other jobs they have do not always contain as much glamour, they can tell. They can just as easily put a politician on the wall or go off on other news matters that the developmentally disabled in Norway are concerned with.

Tips and creativity

The TV Bra editorial team says that they organize themselves so that there are many nice tasks. They have regular editorial meetings in Hamar with many participants. In between, they have a digital editorial meeting with several reporters from other editorial offices in the country.

Tips for matters come directly to the Hamar editorial office, and some requests come via the head office in Bergen. The editors also follow relevant Facebook pages for the developmentally disabled to get tips on upcoming events and initiatives, which might turn into a nice report.

– We also create several cases entirely ourselves – from idea to finished reportage. Examples of such a case are when we took a group to Terningmoen to experience a day in green clothes. Another example is the feature about “safe ice” – where we brought someone from Olsrud, as well as the fire service, out on Mjøsa to inform about how to travel on the ice in a safe way.

Nominated for Gullruten – innovation of the year

In 2021, the gang from Olsrud made election broadcasts. Among other things, a report from the Eidsvold building where they told the story of how Norway became a democracy. They were also in Oslo at the Storting to interview top politicians and present the Storting as an institution.

– These election broadcasts of ours were nominated for Gullruten in the category Innovation of the Year, they say proudly.

The beginning

The first meeting with TV Bra was in autumn 2019, just before covid “stopped” the world. TV Bra editor Camilla Kvalheim got a tip from Truls Pedersen in Hamar municipality, who had collaborated with TV Bra previously. He had seen Olsrud Media’s You Tube films and thought that TV Bra should know what they were up to at Olsrud.

The contact was established, and in autumn 2020 the editorial staff at Olsrud took it upon themselves to cover the awarding of the Food Care Award at Granly in Toten. They received a microphone cap with the TV Bra logo in the mail and went with fresh courage to Toten to try themselves. Thus the adventure began. Now they produce a report a week. It is also worth mentioning that they were the first local office of TV Bra, which was up and running on its own two feet.

– It’s worth the work!

The editorial team at Olsrud says that they have had a steep learning curve and many great experiences. Not least, the TV work has resulted in incredible development in each individual participant and many fun tasks. Every spring they participate in courses and seminars in Bergen together with editors from all over the country.

– We have been out on things we never dreamed we would get to experience. Being able to walk the red carpet with the biggest TV celebrities in Norway on the Gullruten gave memories to last a lifetime. This dance gala in Hamar It is also very nice to be covered.

– It has been hard work, but absolutely worth it! We want to help put Hamar on the map. It’s great to be a mouthpiece for other developmentally disabled people in the public space! Say Stein Bjerke and Hege Walhovd.

Facts about TV Bra

  • TV BRA is a nationwide TV channel in strong growth, by, for and with developmentally disabled people in Norway. They want to let the developmentally disabled tell their own stories. Discrimination, politics and everyday pleasures – TV BRA talks about it.
  • There are newsrooms in Bergen, Trondheim and here in Hamar. Freelance reporters in Stavanger, Ålesund and Oslo visit the developmentally disabled in their everyday lives, interview relevant people, create news and find good stories from various local environments.
  • TV BRA has its head office and competence center in Media City Bergen. We are a constantly developing channel and will expand with more newsrooms around the country.
  • All the local editors will help to ensure that TV BRA becomes a powerful voice for the developmentally disabled throughout Norway.

Being able to offer people with developmental disabilities this type of work and show what they can achieve is also a great motivation for everyone involved.

Pictures from the work with the dance gala

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