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HARD WEEK: Doctor Karim Sayed says he has received two years of media training in one week. Photo: HELGE MIKALSEN / VG

What was supposed to be a big venture ended up like a sinking ship. Again, clinic owner Karim Sayed stands: – We have something to prove, I know that.


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– What I have learned is how a snowball can roll and that things can get completely out of control, where it is not possible to control it no matter what you say, says Sayed to VG when we meet him after the Debate on NRK on Thursday evening.

The debate raged after it became known that Pia Tjelta, Vanessa Rudjord and Synnøve Skarbø were to open a beauty clinic.

A lot because the clinic used the word “women’s health” as part of its promotion.

Just five days after the launch, the trio chose to apologize and withdraw.

Now Karim Sayed owns the entire clinic, and is the responsible doctor and treats there.

– It has been two years of media training compressed into one week. It has been very special to stand in. I have thought it is important to keep calm, say it as it is and clear up misunderstandings.

SAID SORRY: Synnøve Skarbø, Pia Tjelta and Vanessa Rudjord announced that they would be opening a beauty clinic on Thursday last week. Five days later they withdrew. Photo: Julie Pike / Press photo from Nomi

Sayed believes that the DN angle that women’s health is taboo, and the mixing of beauty clinic and women’s health in Rudjord and Skarbø’s podcast, meant that the whole concept was misunderstood.

– And that set the whole of Norway on fire. When you then mix in aesthetic medicine, which in itself is controversial, and there are successful celebrities as well… This is celebrity stuff, economics, breaking news, social media – that’s it. I understand that it turned out the way it did.

– But we could have been clearer in our communication and made a very clear distinction between aesthetic medicine and the women’s health services offered in the clinic.

– But regardless of DN, you are also responsible for how it was put together in the press release?

– Absolutely, I understand how this could be misunderstood. It is clear that if a lot of people understand it that way, we have not been clear enough. But again, once the snowball is rolling, it’s very difficult to correct.

Sayed says he never considered retiring.

– It’s about the fact that this is what I do, and I will work with it at a clinic. I will implement and complete the vision.

FAMOUS PERSON: Here is Karim Sayed together with health minister Ingvild Kjerkol, among others, before the debate on NRK on Thursday. Photo: HELGE MIKALSEN / VG

– What do you think has been legitimate criticism, and what has not been?

– The legitimate thing is the communication, and not mixing it up. And then there have been many interesting debates, what is aesthetic medical health, does it really help people. And it’s completely legitimate. But the problem is when everyone is angry, the debate is often not so nuanced, says Sayed.

– It may be that you find an example that symbolizes what you are cursed at. But now it was very easy to use this as an example.

On Sunday, VG wrote about 12 studies, which were supposed to prove that one of the clinic’s treatment options – a pelvic floor chair – was effective. Two researchers slaughtered the studies.

The next day, Dagbladet wrote that the doctor’s CV did not match.

– It became known that the lecturer title on your CV was not correct, and that the studies on the pelvic floor chair were poor, did that help to weaken your credibility?

– Yes, of course it is. The lecturer’s title is about formalities, but right should be right, you have to look after these things yourself, and I should have done that, he says, adding that the mistake in the lecturer’s position was that he was a lecturer with lecturer qualifications at the university.

– And when it comes to the chair, I agree that the research that is available now – and that has been published – is not good enough, and take self-criticism on that. But the studies that exist are promising and one cannot ignore them.

– Do you think all PR is good PR?

– I do not know. We have something to prove, I know that. All PR can be good PR if you deliver a fantastic product. But it seems like it’s something we have to turn around, it feels like it.

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THE MAKE-UP: Karim Sayed is waiting for a little touch-up before the studio. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

The clinic offers aesthetic treatment such as botox and fillers, but also treatment for pigment spots and acne scars. Sayed is crystal clear that what they do increases the quality of life.

– But I stand with a straight back in aesthetic medicine and I know that I help a lot of people every day, he says.

– They call it a beauty clinic, but that is not the point here. They come in with something they want to do something with. Obviously some of it is beauty, but most of it is “positive ageing”. You don’t have to remove all signs of ageing, but many people want to look more awake and clear.

– And that is the essence, that if a person walks around and looks tired, does some treatments in a competent framework and feels that they look clear, that is an increase in quality of life.

DONE: The doctor leaves the studio after the debate. Photo: HELGE MIKALSEN / VG

– But coming in and getting a check contributes to the fact that you are not good enough?

– We should not point out flaws, but understand what your goals are. That is the difference between low and high competence. Who are you and what do you want? It’s not up to me to say they should take away your smile lines, maybe you love the smile lines. If someone says they look angry and it bothers them, we have techniques that can help. They are adults who make their own choices.

He says there are several groups he does not treat:

– I reject people every day. And I advise against it. I often say that I would not recommend it. We are a kind of lynx in a jungle, and I understand that the whole pressure in the jungle is great.

– If someone is only concerned with appearance, they should not be treated. If they are very young. If someone has signs of mental illness, preoccupied with appearance, we know how to recognize and which questions to insert.

MARIENLYST: Karim Sayed on his way into the make-up before going to the studio to debate women’s health. Photo: Helge Mikalsen

At the same time, he is aware that caring about appearance in itself is good:

– We don’t think everyone should look a certain way. But I believe that being preoccupied with one’s appearance is in our biology, it is not created by any industry. Then it is up to the individual to make their own choices.

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