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The travel agency did not pay for the hotel – Marita must pay twice – NRK Vestland

The travel agency did not pay for the hotel – Marita must pay twice – NRK Vestland
The travel agency did not pay for the hotel – Marita must pay twice – NRK Vestland

The holiday trip to Alanya in Turkey did not turn out quite as Marita Aarcik and her husband had seen Marita Aarvik and her husband had seen her behave.

When she arrived, she was told that the hotel had not received the payment. This despite the fact that she had booked and prepaid for the trip through the travel company Detur.

– We have paid all-inclusive. The hotel has not received the money, and now demands that we pay the cost of having us live here, she says.

The hotel wanted her to shell out 900 euros to cover the stay.

After several phone calls with the travel agency, Aarvik was suddenly told on Thursday evening that she had to go home already a few hours later – a week earlier than the original travel plan.

– We have to pack our bags tonight and take the plane back early tomorrow.

She was told by Detur to collect the receipts in order to get the amount refunded when she gets home.

Several tourists have experienced being asked to take the hotel bill themselves, after payment to Detur has not arrived at the hotel.

Photo: Ivar Lid Riise / NRK

Tourists from all over the Nordics

Aarvik is not alone in having to pay twice.

The hotel in Aarvik confirms that they have five rooms for which the hotel has not received payment from the travel agency.

On the Facebook group “On holiday with Detur?” write frustrated tourists about similar incidents. Several people find that the hotel has not received payments, even though they have paid in advance through Detur.

Media in Sweden and Denmark have also written about tourists who have to pay for hotels, even if the trip was pre-paid through the travel company.

Among other things, writes about the Dane Dan Bakken who was greeted by a note on the door stating that the room had not been paid for.

The hotel demanded 300 euros for the overnight stays.

Through a restructuring

Detur Global announced today that they will carry out a new restructuring. They have now stopped operations in the autumn period to make future plans. That’s what writes.

Aarvik in Alanya thinks it is bitter that they looked forward to the holiday as much as he did.

– When we understand that Detur has struggled with the economy for as much as a month, I think it is more than strange that they send people down without having given any information to the customers, she says.

NRK has repeatedly tried since Thursday to get in touch with Detur, but has not received a reply.

The company is said to have had challenges over the years which now result in canceled trips. They inform travelers that they have decided to revise the operation.

The company wrote to TV 2 that they are taking a break in production and operational activity.

– Therefore, the rest of the 2022 charter season will be cancelled, writes Detur to TV 2.

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