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– We decide!

– What do they decide?

– The food!

They are not exactly confirmation shy, the five young people at Killingrud School in Solbergelva. At least not when it concerns the confirmation food. They are sole rulers of this year’s menu.

Confirmants Sean Nicolay Egge-Halvorsen (from left), Krisander D. Iversen, Lucas Winnæs, Tuva Synnøve Kristoffersen and Ingerid Oldebråten.

Photo: Dana Khalouf / NRK

– It will be a three-course meal. Soup, chicken and ice cream, says Ingerid Oldebråten and adds:

– That is what I have decided.

My friend, Tuva Synnøve Kristoffersen, prefers Mexican cuisine.

– Tacos. It’s something everyone likes. One can vary, strong and mild, meat or vegetarian. Then it’s my favorite dish – and my day, she explains.

Compistrio Lucas Winnæs, Krisander D. Iversen and Sean Nicolay Egge-Halvorsen also have this year’s graduation menu ready. Decided by the young gentlemen themselves, of course.

– Beef Stroganoff stew with salad and bread, says Krisander.

– Cold table or cuts, Lucas has decided.

Newly confirmed Sean also went cold turkey.

– Scrambled eggs, carbonadar, various toppings, loaf … very good food.

Tapas are increasingly popular with the kids. Here from a confirmation at Konnerud in Drammen last weekend.

Photo: Stian Haraldsen / NRK

Sean Nicolay Egge-Halvorsen, Lucas Winnæs, Krisander D. Iversen decide what will be served.

Photo: Dana Khalouf / NRK

Confirmation taco à la Rogaland.

Photo: Henning Rønhovde / NRK

Who decides the food? Tuva Synnøve Kristoffersen and Ingerid Oldebråten!

Photo: Dana Khalouf / NRK

The role of boss has changed

– Yes you. What has happened here? introduces food historian Christopher Sjuve with a sly line on his face when we ask him about who actually decides what will be on the menu during the confirmation.

Because something has happened.

Before – in the good old days – for example in the 70s, 80s and 90s, perhaps the shrimp cabaret was of course on all graduation dinner tables. Or ham roast.

Not to forget the Norwegian dish of meat pies with potatoes and peas in brown sauce.

It is no longer like that.

Christopher Sjuve is a food historian and believes quite firmly that there have been some changes on the confirmation food front in recent years.

Photo: Tarjei Mo Batalden / NRK

If these dishes are not a stage gone by, they are in any case a rare sight of Norwegian, decorated confirmation long tables in a rental room in 2024, whether we are talking about Otta, Snarøya or Solbergelva.

That is precisely what the youth have demanded. And maybe they didn’t do that before, or…?

– I have not done any scientific research on this, but it may seem that, on a somewhat thin data base, that there is a certain change in who is the boss and decides, replies Sjuve – who uses himself as an example:

– I can’t think that e.g had such strong opinions about what should be on the confirmation table in the year nineteen hundred and cauliflower.

Sushi for the confirmation party is not at all unusual.

Photo: Tina Brock / NRK

Since then, the food historian has taken part in a number of confirmations. He summarizes:

I think I can see that there is some influence from the confirming guard. And that suddenly things appear that were completely unheard of a few years ago, he says, mentioning taco pots and sushi pieces.

Sushi and tacos, of course

When Ella Vassvik (14) was confirmed in Sandnes last weekend, she was never in doubt about what would be on the dinner table afterwards. And the food went downhill.

When Ella Vassvik (14) was confirmed in Sandnes, the choice fell on something about every single Friday, namely tacos.

Photo: Henning Rønhovde / NRK

– Tacos! Then everyone can decide what they want, everyone can find something they like.

– Were you the one who decided that it should be tacos?

– Yes, it’s my favorite dish. I eat it every Friday. Or almost every Friday, she says, laughing.

For the dinner after Håkon Hobbelstad (15)’s confirmation in Hokksund last Sunday, the company gathered around delicious fried fish.

Confirmant Håkon Hobbelstad (15) from Hokksund chose his life dish, sushi. To the right, father Per Harald Hobbelstad

Photo: Tina Brock / NRK

– Sushi, it’s my life dish, says Håkon about the dish he went for.

Pizza, a little weird?

When asked if there is something that is not quite appropriate or suitable as confirmation food, answers food historian Christopher Sjuve.

– Basically, this is a field without particularly many rules. At least not written down.

Nevertheless. Had someone served ribs or pork chops, what then?

– Wouldn’t you think that was a bit strange? ponders Sjuve and continues with a question he himself chooses to answer.

– What about pizza, isn’t that youthful? Yeah, but it’s weird, isn’t it? We might have reacted a little to that. So it turns out that there are some unwritten rules in this system after all.

Confirmation food? Well…

Photo: Karina Kaupang Jørgensen / NRK

– Perhaps we would have been a bit surprised if we had been served Christmas dinner at a confirmation?

– The Swedes have herring both on Jonsok and on Christmas Eve. But we have more control over that thing, Sjuve replies with an ever-so-slightly salty and sour sting to his sweet brother.

He nevertheless assures that whatever may be served at a confirmation, he never turns away.

– I was brought up well and come from a fairly well-furnished home.

Christopher Sjuve wishes all confirmation students the best of luck with the day and the food.

Photo: Tarjei Mo Batalden / NRK

Summa summarum: Regardless of who decided the menu, what does the food actually mean in today’s confirmations?

If I am to be honest about it, I answer that I actually think that it does not mean very much. Lower the ambitions a bit, make it a bit easier. It’s more about creating a pleasant company, concludes Sjuve.

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