A folk festival awaits – this is the program for the royal couple’s visit

A folk festival awaits – this is the program for the royal couple’s visit
A folk festival awaits – this is the program for the royal couple’s visit

THE ROYAL COUPLE: On Wednesday 29 May, Randaberg municipality will be visited by His Majesty King Harald and Her Majesty Queen Sonja. A large-scale program has been put together for the historic visit.

– The visit is part of a county tour where the royal couple will visit five municipalities in Agder and Rogaland. The royal couple will be present for 90 minutes, and we have created a packed programme, where the king and queen will get to see and experience what Randaberg has to offer, writes Randaberg municipality on its website.

Arrival Goavika

At 11 a.m. the royal couple will arrive in Goavika with the Royal Norwegian ship, where they will be welcomed by harbor manager Odd Bjørn Bekkeheien (Stavanger region Havn IKS), mayor Jarle Bø, police chief Hans Vik, MiniSing and Grødem children’s choir, and the two flower children Sander Fornes and Synne Håland .

Teams and associations in Vår Energi Arena Randaberg

From Goavika, the royal couple will be driven to Vår Energi Arena Randaberg. Here they will be able to see and meet local sports teams who are doing organized activities, singing from school children and hearing general manager Karton Nilsen say a few words about the royal values ​​of Folkehallene. This event is closed. We encourage everyone else to meet in the square, where the main event will take place.

Folk festival and stage show on the square at 11.30 am
After the visit to Vår Energi Arena Randaberg, the royal couple will be taken to the stage in the square in the center of Randaberg. Along the route to the city centre, the royal couple gets to experience a lot of life along the way – everything from sports, volunteering, schools, kindergartens, cultural life, old people’s homes, nursing homes, houses of worship and churches. The royal couple arrive at the square at 11.30, and here everyone is welcome to a large-scale stage program. Here, choirs, bands, musicians, singers, artists, dancers and many other actors will contribute to the royal couple getting a broad and good picture of Randaberg – and what we have to offer. Those who will be in action on the square are:

  • Bjarte Tjøstheim (film)

  • The Optimisten accordion and two-string group

  • Randaberg Gammeldanslag

  • Lindstrom

  • Karin Grastveit Jakobsen

  • The cultural school’s dancers and singers

  • Randaberg Soul Teens

  • Randaberg Soul Children

  • Herman Tagliano Eiken and Sara Sandal Østerhus

  • Olav Håvardsholm

  • Knut Straumstøyl

  • Leader of the Village Association, Svein Sørnes, farmer Helge Todnem and local leader of the farmers’ team, Kjetil Nilsen.

  • Randaberg Men’s Choir and Randaberg Young Men’s Choir

  • Randaberg village review

  • Thomas Tvedt

  • Espen Behrens

  • Randaberg music band

  • Randaberg school music band

  • Choir on the Edge

  • Coral

  • Randaberg Volleyball women

  • Auckland

  • Bård Halsne

  • Tor Kjetil Espedal

  • Silje Salomonsen

  • Ove Storland

  • Ingfrid Straumstøyl Råheim

  • Ransom

  • Women meet women

  • Polly & Molly

  • Representatives for agriculture, agriculture and other production at Randaberg

  • House orchestra

In addition, we will of course hear from the mayor and the royal couple.

The program from the stage is led by the presenters, Merete Økland Espedal and Aina Økland Schøld.

– We look forward to welcoming the royal couple and showcasing the best our municipality has to offer, and hope that you will also join the party, the municipality writes on its website.

Garden is coming

After the stage program is over and the royal couple’s visit is over, we will be visited by His Majesty’s 3rd Company of the King’s Guard. 150 guardsmen will march past the square from the municipal hall to the assembly hall. There they will have a fantastic display of approx. 15-20 minutes.

We have created a separate page for the royal couple’s visit where we will publish useful information in connection with this day. Follow along here to stay updated.

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