The Norwegian pilots break the salary negotiations – E24

The Norwegian pilots break the salary negotiations – E24
The Norwegian pilots break the salary negotiations – E24

If the parties do not agree, there may be a strike from June.

Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB

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The Norwegian pilots, the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU), have not agreed with the company on a new collective agreement. This is stated by the trade union Parat in a press release.

The settlement will now proceed to mediation with a deadline of 31 May.

It is the Norwegian pilots and Parat who negotiate with Norwegian and NHO on the other side.

Leader of the Norwegian pilots, Alf Hansen, says the distance is great and that “the danger of a strike is great, if the company does not meet the pilots”.

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Norwegian has been negotiating overtime with the pilots since November last year, as E24 mentioned last week.

Salary and working hours

According to Hansen, there is disagreement about both pay and working time regulations.

During working hours, he highlights the balance between work and private life, predictability, and that the pilots work many weekends and holiday periods.

– We pilots have to be at work when most people want to go out and travel, but like others we also have to have a life with the family outside of work. Demands have therefore been put forward for a more even workload and a longer notification period for changes to the work programme, says Hansen.

Alf Hansen, leader of the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU)
Alf Hansen, leader of the Norwegian Pilot Union (NPU) Photo: Trygve Bergsland / Parat

On pay, Hansen believes that for several years Norwegian pilots have lost out to pilots elsewhere in Europe, both within and outside the company.

– Through difficult periods and reconstruction in the company, we have contributed to growth and profit. Now is the time to close the pay gap for colleagues in the company who work at other bases in Europe. The company must realize that we are part of a European labor market, and we must be paid accordingly, says Hansen.

A record summer awaits

While Norwegian’s owners and creditors had to take large losses through the company’s reconstruction in 2021, the situation today is different. As of the end of March, the company had NOK 10.4 billion on its books, and dividends have been proposed.

The corona effect is still noticeable for the pilots, who had to agree to more working days as well as a pay freeze and a variable work rate for better flexibility.

Norwegian has already sold over 300,000 more tickets for this year’s summer season than at the same time last year. At the same time, the company is already noticing positive booking effects from the Widerøe acquisition.

During the company’s quarterly presentation recently, Norwegian CEO Geir Karlsen was clear about the expectations.

– We are very pleased to be out of the so-called low season, and are at full speed towards what will hopefully be a new record summer season for Norwegian, he said then.

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