King Charles with a new message: He has lost his ability

King Charles with a new message: He has lost his ability
King Charles with a new message: He has lost his ability

King Charles (75) reveals that he has lost his sense of taste while undergoing cancer treatment. The Daily Mail writes.

Defying warnings: – Hypocritical

He gave the update while visiting the Army Flying Museum in Hampshire.

KING CHARLES: On Sunday, King Charles will attend the Easter service at St. George’s Chapel in London. It will be his first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer. Reporter: Edward Stenlund. Video: AP
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According to the tabloid newspaper, the king spoke to a veteran of the British army, Aaron Mapplebeck. Mapplebeck said he underwent chemotherapy last year for testicular cancer.

– Going through hell

During the conversation, Mapplebeck mentioned how he lost his sense of taste – and the king revealed that this had happened to him too.

Buckingham Palace has not confirmed the details of the king’s treatment.

It was at the beginning of February that King Charles announced that he had contracted cancer. It is not known what type of cancer the 75-year-old is suffering from.


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