Statements, Lajla Halvorsen | The elderly deserve that we think about prevention

Statements, Lajla Halvorsen | The elderly deserve that we think about prevention
Statements, Lajla Halvorsen | The elderly deserve that we think about prevention

I read in HA that the opposition (apart from MDG) wants to put forward a proposal for a decision in the municipal council in relation to safeguarding nursing home places. They refer to the Purchase Report.

I have seen the meeting where Kaupang presented his report and I have read the report. In this post, I will only concentrate on the elderly and prevention.

Kaupang clarified that you cannot take “a single measure” out of the plan, because everything is connected. One cannot remove the one point about reduction in nursing home places and ignore all the other proposed measures. Then you have missed it.

And you have to “read” the care ladder carefully. It is well described in the report. The main point in the care ladder is early intervention. Early intervention is also one of the areas of focus in the municipality, also within other municipal departments. And here Kaupang points to something important in what they describe, that the municipality must invest more in early efforts in elderly care, in substance abuse and mental health and for people with disabilities. And we have to think long-term.

They also mention that you should open up daytime activities on weekends and also include the sports and cultural fields in this work. I believe that more sporting activities and more cultural offerings for the elderly will contribute to greater enjoyment of life, prevent alienation and strengthen mental and physical health. We are on the bottom rungs of the care ladder now.

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– We want to say a clear and unequivocal no

Everyone who lives at home should receive an offer that they want to take part in and that they are able to take part in. Here, needs and wishes must be mapped. There is no quick-fix, but an important preventive measure. And here, too, we who sit on the main committee for education, upbringing, culture and sport can contribute by e.g. to collaborate with the culture and sports field and the municipal department. We have to pull the load together.

Then someone will say: “We will not get any income from this measure this year”. Who knows? There are most likely many lonely elderly people sitting at home in their homes. If they get a sports or cultural offer that they can take part in every week, this will surely increase their enjoyment of life and their mental and physical health. And again, this can lead to some people being able to stay at home for longer. And we are still on the bottom rungs of the care ladder = prevention. This is also a good relief measure for relatives and spouses/cohabitants. For those who like to do arts and crafts, you can get a collaboration with teams and associations that do this. There are many possibilities.

And then you have to see the housing ladder in connection with the care ladder. We need more adapted housing for the elderly, preferably with a cafe where people can gather and be social.

All of these are preventive measures with the intention that more elderly people will have a better life and that more people can stay at home for longer. We can start small by, for example, setting aside a few hours one day a week in Halden Arena for the elderly. There are probably many older footballers, basketball players, handball players, tournaments etc. who would be very happy to be able to play/train a bit in the arena and end their training with a coffee in the cafe together with others. And then you can get a collaboration with Halden Taxi where they use their minibuses for pick-up.

In the long term, I believe that this will certainly lead to a somewhat smaller need for nursing home places. Then we have to be patient in relation to seeing a desired effect.

But we have to look at the whole, and then it is no use just putting forward a proposal to protect nursing homes without thinking about prevention and what is the reason why many people end up in nursing homes. Of course, there are many people who need a place in a nursing home, but we MUST think prevention and early intervention.

As a representative in the main committee for education, upbringing, culture and sport, I am happy to contribute, because here we politicians have a great responsibility.

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