Unibuss: – – The danger of bankruptcy is over

Unibuss: – – The danger of bankruptcy is over
Unibuss: – – The danger of bankruptcy is over

Environment and Transport Council Marit Vea (V) has called a press conference in Oslo City Hall on Monday.

Vea says the immediate risk of bankruptcy for Unibuss is over.

– Unibuss has today petitioned the district court to open reconstruction negotiations, says Vea.

Unibuss is one of the four companies responsible for the bus service in Oslo on behalf of Ruter. Unibuss accounts for between 60 and 70 per cent of Oslo’s bus service, and the whole of Bærum.

The company’s future has been uncertain after the chaotic bus winter, where Ruter demanded high fines from the company.

According to Avisa Oslo, the German bus manufacturer Man has also sued Unibuss for a large amount.

– The danger of bankruptcy no longer hangs over us, she says.

The political opposition in Oslo has called in the city council to answer for the problems.

– What we know is that Unibuss has priced itself too low, so Oslo municipality will have to settle for paying more for this service in the future, says Vea on Monday.

– It has been a long winter for many, says the city council.

– I am happy that we are over in a new phase.

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