Debate, Israel – Palestine | Let Norway be on the right side of history

Debate, Israel – Palestine | Let Norway be on the right side of history
Debate, Israel – Palestine | Let Norway be on the right side of history

It’s been 12 years since I sat in a kibbutz northwest of Jerusalem and tried to discuss human views with a group of young recruits who were home on leave. I was so indignant at their statements about the Palestinian people, but I also quickly realized that there was little point in asking critical questions of these young hopefuls, because they were being trained to one day be able to exterminate Palestinians. Today they actually do. Exterminate the Palestinians!

Social media allows us to witness the best-documented live stream of genocide in recent times. As much as we think it can’t get any more bloody and bestial, it will be.

And what does the world’s political leadership do about this? After 7 months of brutal slaughter of Palestinian civilians, they still cling to the narrative that Israel’s attack is supposed to be about a strategic annihilation of Hamas. And thus Israel gets a free pass to continue their massacre. Cultivating this narrative is not only a direct insult to our intellect, it is an undermining of our fundamental values ​​that deal with human dignity.

Thanks to social media, we can pick up on the nuances in this narrative that the national media won’t give us, and that those with the power to stop this genocide refuse to acknowledge – and instead invest in more weapons for the Israeli military.

But in the midst of political perversity, failure, apathy and hypocrisy, something is happening now in populations around the world. Driven by solidarity with the Palestinians, we see a global people’s movement that has only grown ever larger over the past six months, and which is described as a revolution. Where the people turn the feeling of powerlessness to step into the power that lies in collectively speaking out against injustice.

The world’s leaders – and this also applies to our Norwegian government – can no longer neglect the importance of massive protests from the people worldwide; now at the latest with the ever-growing student rebellion at the forefront. We’ve seen it before, and we know it’s going to change history.

In the search for nuances, we also have to come to terms with the misconception that being in favor of a free Palestine is equated with anti-Semitism. Why is there no focus on the real villain: Zionism? We who shout loudly for the Palestinians’ right to freedom (including Jews all over the world!) are anti-Zionists and anti-racists and recognize the right of both Jews and Palestinians to their own state.

But how can we discuss a two-state solution at all as long as the parties are not equal? Therefore, at a minimum, Palestine must be recognized as an independent state. And this is one of the demands from Rødt to the Norwegian government.

Red also demands that the government introduce trade sanctions and halt arms exports to the Israeli military. And not least: that the Oil Fund withdraws from businesses that invest in illegally occupied land.

It is up to our government to actually put all of this into practice now – and we are so shamefully overtime here.

I have been asked several times: Why are you so involved in Palestine? Have you ever been there? Yes, I have, and I have also experienced a not-so-pleasant encounter with heavily armed Israeli military at a border crossing into Gaza. But is it the case that one must have been where it is burning to feel a motivation to help put out the fire?

History is being written now. How Norway chose to deal with Israel’s shameless attack on Gaza will never be forgotten.

So then it only remains to ask: Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide – are you following along now? Let Norway be on the right side of history! Pull the Oil Fund out of Israel! This will send a clear signal to the Israeli authorities that Norway does not accept persistent violations of international law and orders from both the International Court of Human Rights and the UN.

This is not a trend. It is a global movement for justice and for freedom.

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