Oslo enters bus collapse – Unibus probably saved from bankruptcy – Greater Oslo

Oslo enters bus collapse – Unibus probably saved from bankruptcy – Greater Oslo
Oslo enters bus collapse – Unibus probably saved from bankruptcy – Greater Oslo

The notice only states that the press is invited to a press meeting with the city councilor for the environment and transport, Marit Kristine Vea.

NRK is aware that it is about Unibus.

According to what NRK is informed, a solution has been negotiated where Unibuss goes to the Oslo district court and requests a so-called voluntary reconstruction of the company.

The court grants Unibus bankruptcy protection until the details are in place.

The solution is based on an agreement between Unibus, Unibus’ owner Sporveien and Ruter.

According to what NRK learns, the agreement means that Sporveien injects fresh money to save the company.

At the same time, it is likely that Unibus will lose the contract for bus driving in Oslo west and Bærum.

Large deficits

The specter of bankruptcy has hung over Unibuss for a long time.

At the same time, public transport has been in danger of collapsing.

The bus company has large losses and has been threatened by fines from Ruter after the winter’s bus chaos.

A bankruptcy would hit 2,200 employees and the travelers hard.

Unibuss runs between 60 and 70 percent of the bus traffic in Oslo and throughout Bærum.

The buses would have stopped running as Unibuss had been declared bankrupt.

Bankruptcy protection

What is happening now is after NRK learns that Unibuss is going to the Oslo district court and asking for a so-called reconstruction of the company.

This means that Unibuss receives bankruptcy protection from the court. It gives a company breathing room to clean up a financial failure.

All debt claims from creditors are frozen, and no one can petition the company for bankruptcy.

Important creditors are Oslo municipality, Ruter and Danske Bank. The bank owns two-thirds of the bus fleet and leases the buses to Unibuss.

These are to be the most important points in the agreement, sources inform NRK:

  • Sporveien injects fresh capital and increases the credit limit.
  • Ruter cancels large parts of the fines after the winter’s bus chaos. This applies to all bus companies.
  • The money of the largest private creditor, Danske Bank, is secured.
  • Unibuss withdraws from the bus service contract in Oslo West and Bærum.

Vacation money

Routes on the one hand and Sporveien and Unibuss on the other have been negotiating to find a solution for several months.

The negotiations have occasionally been characterized by a bad atmosphere.

Unibuss is owned by Sporveien, which in turn is owned by Oslo municipality.

The parties have been under time pressure to find a solution. One of the reasons is that Unibuss was in danger of not being paid holiday pay to the employees.

Vårt Oslo wrote about the holiday money on Thursday.


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