Electric car, Revised national budget | Electric car warning: – We don’t need a new cold shower


There was more important news ahead for those who either have – or are considering buying – an electric car.

  • On Tuesday, the government presents a revised national budget. News to make electric cars more attractive in the leasing market is expected there, as well as information on how the government will achieve the target of 100 per cent electric cars from the new year. Oslo has already announced that it will triple the tolls for “fossil cars” sold after the New Year.
  • With petrol cars out of the picture, the door is also opened for higher electric car taxes.
  • The tolls in Oslo package 3 are also being negotiated, where there is a lot of money missing to achieve all the goals that have been set. A sharp increase in tolls for electric cars is on the table

This is news that comes on top of the fact that the capacity of the road network in and around Oslo has been adjusted down after the electric cars have now been thrown out of the public transport lanes.

– Will warn the politicians

On the up-and-coming side, the Electric Vehicle Association is now warning politicians to brace themselves for their own goals.

– I am nervous that the cases as a whole send a signal to motorists that creates uncertainty. We don’t need that now, we need a steady policy and a clear direction. After all, we see that more people are asking themselves whether the politicians are serious about the electric car policy. We will therefore strongly warn the politicians against bringing more bad news at once, says general secretary Christina Bu of the Electric Vehicle Association to Nettavisen.

The head of the industry organization Opplysningsrådet for Veittrafiken (OFV), Øyvind Solberg Thorsen, was among other things recently out and thought it would be sensible if the electric car target was not reached.

Toll shock can be the nail in the coffin

She is particularly concerned about the proposal on the table in Oslo to reduce the electric car discount from 50 to 30 per cent, which will mean that there will be far less to save on choosing an electric car.

It is still the case that choosing an electric car entails certain compromises – especially on the cheaper models. On older electric cars, the disadvantages are sometimes significant. Many people discovered that this winter.

– We don’t need a new cold shower when there has been so much noise connected to the public transport field recently. Especially in light of the ambitious goals that Oslo in particular has, says Bu.

Oslo has its own goal of 100 percent emission-free transport by 2030.

Prohibition is not good enough

A big question is whether the politicians need to be nervous: from the new year, new petrol and diesel cars will probably be so expensive that hardly anyone can afford to choose them.

– Can’t the politicians now do exactly what they want, since there is no alternative to electric cars?

– No, they can’t. Oslo must have everyone cars to zero emissions in 2030, that means you also have to have an incentive to choose one used electric car. Most people who buy a car buy used, so if you want to change the car fleet quickly, you need to have incentives in place, says Bu bluntly.

The numbers speak for themselves: Norwegians choose to keep old cars longer and longer.

– For those considering a used petrol or electric car, a discount in the toll ring is perhaps the biggest incentive, says Bu.

Asking for another solution

So how will the Electric Vehicle Association ensure that Oslo’s major cash crunch does not lead to either a collapse in public transport or an electric car fiasco?

– The money crunch can be solved by increasing tolls, but that you ensure that there is a real difference between electric cars and other cars.

– And we actually think the state should help Oslo and the other cities to a greater extent with the major challenges they face with the development of public transport. There is of course a limit to how high tolls you can set.

One of the reasons why the Oslo Package 3 negotiations are extra difficult is that the Government chose to withdraw the NOK 500 million they had promised for the reconstruction of the Majorstuen subway station.

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