For the young –

For the young –
For the young –

Dear Morild.

Thanks for yours good and personal posts about thoughts, reflections and, not least, frustrations around the topic of climate and the environment.

I am a father and grandfather, and currently a member of the board of the Best Parents’ Climate Action in Troms. We share your frustrations, and hope that this personal greeting to you will give you hope and faith in a better future for all of us, and especially for you young people.

Know that you do not stand alone! I myself feel despair, despondency and resignation when it comes to the climate issue, and how those in charge are not doing enough.

Recently there was one article in The Guardian newspaper where 380 top climate scientists were asked about the future. They answered, among other things:

  • “Hopeless and broke”, (Ruth Cerezo-Mota, Mexico)

  • “We live in an age of fools”, (Anonymous, South Africa)

  • “I worry about the future my children are inheriting”, Lorraine Whitmarsh, UK

These renowned researchers sees little hope for the future, but neither can, nor will, ever give up. Cerezo-Mota himself went into a depression, but just had to keep working. Because as she says: “We know what we’re talking about. They (politicians and climate deniers) can say they don’t care, but they can’t say they didn’t know.”

I sat tensely and looked at Dagsrevyen today, but not a word was this news mentioned, not even in the newspapers.

Norway is among them the countries with the most climate skeptics. What the reasons are, we can discuss.

I agree with you that concepts such as community and solidarity seem to have lost their value in today’s Norway, and have been replaced by self-interest, individualism and narcissism.

Dear Morild! Yes, it is easy to lose heart and become disillusioned in our climate fight. Remember, however, that there are many people who support you young people and cheer you on.

In Tromsø have it has now been formed one Climate and nature alliance, which consists of the Nature Conservation Association, Nature and Youth, Framtiden i våre hands, the Grandparents Climate Action and the Latin American Groups in Norway (LAG). We will work together with Tromsø municipality and Tromsø’s residents with a focus on climate and the environment.

Stand on Morild! We support you wholeheartedly, and you can be proud of your commitment to the climate issue and a better future for future generations.

We’re in you in this fight. You are not alone. Stand on!

Greetings Grandparents Climate Action in Troms.

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