Eurovision, Eurovision 2024 | Strong reactions to Norway’s voting: – Unbelievably embarrassing

Eurovision, Eurovision 2024 | Strong reactions to Norway’s voting: – Unbelievably embarrassing
Eurovision, Eurovision 2024 | Strong reactions to Norway’s voting: – Unbelievably embarrassing

Several eager TV viewers probably widened their eyes during Saturday’s Eurovision broadcast when NRK’s ​​channel host Ingvild Helljesen read out the votes from the Norwegian jury and announced that Israel was awarded eight points.

– It is deeply shocking. Would like to hear the reasoning from the professional jury. Should do well to sing worse than Israel did today, said Nettavisen’s entertainment commentator Maria Ludvigsen shortly after the voting was announced.

Afterwards, the reactions have also been hailed.

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The reactions hail

Several famous people have made their feelings clear on social media.

Influencer Øyunn Krogh is among those who have used their platform to criticize the Norwegian jury.

– What are we doing in Norway???? This is so unbelievably embarrassing, writes Krogh.

Krogh is not the only one who thought it was embarrassing:

– Embarrassed to be Norwegian today, writes comedian Martin Lepperød.

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Morten Ramm also reacts strongly to the awarding of points, and does not buy the claim that the decision was based on a “pure professional assessment”, as jury member Gunilla Süssmann has stated afterwards.

“8 points to Israel from Norway. And for those who didn’t know: Tacky shit music and freak show pop are subjects. That subject is so important that you cannot ignore no brutal warfare and no mass murder of children. Couldn’t make it, didn’t have a chance, that song was just TOO damn good,” the comedian writes ironically on his Instagram account.

– The reactions should be directed elsewhere

On the night of Sunday, it also became clear who sat on the Norwegian professional jury.

The jury consisted of:

  • Actress and artist Lisa Stokke
  • Artist and singer Daniel Johanen Elmhari
  • Music producer Lars Horn Lavik
  • Artist Annprincess Johnson Koffa
  • Concert pianist Gunilla Süssmann

Süssmann has subsequently commented on the jury’s work. She wrote to Dagbladet:

“What I can say now is that the professional jury’s task was to find the best song, based on our professional expertise and a list of guidelines (including political independence). We have done this.”

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“That there are reactions is no surprise, but they should be directed elsewhere than to the professional jury. The jury’s absence of an active boycott is in no way the same as support for war,” she adds.

Besides the award to Israel, the five Norwegian jury members also gave twelve points to the winner Switzerland, ten points to France, seven points to Armenia, six points to Germany and five points to Italy.

– May look like a rule violation

Artist Daniel Owen has subsequently come out and apologized for the jury giving Israel eight points:

– In my opinion, Israel should not be allowed to participate in Eurovision at all. Although I was not involved in the awarding of points to Israel, I would like to apologize that this was shown from the Norwegian jury, he said, among other things, in the Instagram video.

The Eurovision Song Contest is basically supposed to be a non-political event. NRK’s ​​head of delegation Stig Karlsen (50) confirms to VG on Monday that Owen’s statements may have been a breach of the rules.

– With this statement, it may look like we have broken the rules, writes Karlsen in an SMS to VG on Monday.

– Information about the case was yesterday sent from NRK to the EBU for assessment, says Karlsen.

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